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Eros At Fridays

It’s Eros’ first time at Fridays. As for me, I only started going to Fridays after I finished schooling. Lucky boy.

Mohen brought us to Subang Parade and saying that he wanted to eat at McDonalds. When we were innull the car, I had distant feeling that he will be taking us to Fridays because I know he had some money last night and we were heading towards Subang Parade when he said earlier that he wanted to eat banana leaf.

It was a nice surprise because he was being really cute about it. He asked as we were pushing Eros to the mall where was McDonald. I said it was on the ground floor and as we entered Subang Parade he turned towards Fridays and said, Let’s eat at Fridays. I laughed and didn’t say that I knew he wanted to bring us there.

It was nice to get surprises like that from him. And Mohen is one person that can surprise me even though nothing much in this world can as I don’t get surprised easily over anything.

Eros was asleep about 5 minutes as we entered Fridays. He was being really cute and started sleeping even before our orders came. Then he woke up and we started taking photos and all. Eros was really cute while he played with Mohen as I took their photos. Mohen really is a great dad to Eros and it makes me embarassed of myself for not trying as hard as Mohen to be a good parent because he obviously is the better parent between us.

We hung around for a while until Eros got restless and so we left.

It was a great Saturday to be spending time like that, just the 3 of us. It makes sense in the midst of so many things happening in our lives right now. Eros likes it too for he seemed like he enjoyed himself while he was out today.



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