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Eros’ of First Times

There were a lot of first things for Eros this weekend.

We brought him to Fridays for the first time on a Saturday, which he seemed like he had a blast. Too bad he couldn’t eat solid foods yet. Otherwise he would be a really cute sight. I don’t know why I always forgot to take photos when we were outside or doing something really nice just the three of us. There already a lot of times that we went out together but we hardly take photos. We have to make a mental note to always take photos and for Pete’s sake, we need to get a camera by now already!

Then after we got home, Mohen went to sleep and I was left with Eros. He drank milk a little and then he got tired and hot so I bathed him. I used to be scared to bathe him when he was smaller but now, I’m just terrified! He would splash in the water as though it’s the last thing he’ll ever do. Every time he’s in the shower now, he would practically trying to swim. I would have to hold him firmly without putting too much pressure so his neck won’t hurt. It wasn’t easy. After the bath, I was dressing him up and he started to pull his hair so I was thinking of what my Mom said. I figured I wasn’t really thinking because after I’ve cut Eros’ hair, I was crying. I really wanted him to have long hair and cutting it makes me sad because he has had the hair ever since he was born and now that part was cut off and gone, it won’t be there again no matter how much more hair is going to grow.

He looks more like a boy now that he has short hair. He looked like a marine official a little too. It’s cute! He tried to pull his hair after I cut his hair and found nothing to be there and tried the other side of his temple and found nothing too and he ended up crying! Hahaha. But he does now looked more like a boy. So I don’t really blame others who thought him to be a girl.

Then today I also fed Eros for the first time. He can eat the baby’s nestum now and he was spitting out a lot of the stuff earlier on but after about 15minutes I feed him, he already learnt to swallow and eat. It was hard the first time because I have never fed a baby before even though I have taken care of small kids before. It’s a different thing altogether trying to feed a baby!

Eros is growing up really fast and he’s really mature for someone his age. He is only going to be 4months this Monday and he’s like some baby who’s already about 6 months or something. I wonder how mature he is going to be once he can think for his own and started reading and asking questions.

I will have my hands full not only with his things that he do but also all the questions that he will be asking! I know I always wanted a boy and this is why!s



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