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Mohen’s 30th

Today is Mohen’s birthday.

I didn’t really get him anything because first, I didn’t actually go out and get anything for him and besides, I would have to let him know if I want to withdraw money to buy him something so that in itself would ruin his birthday gift surprise because I can’t lie to him saying that I want to get something else because then he would ask what or where is the thing that I bought and in the end I would’ve ended up showing him the thing that I bought for him.

Anyway, I called him at the stroke of midnight to wish him but he didn’t pick up so I know that he’s still in the office. A few seconds later he called back. So it is his birthday but it was him that called me so I can wish him. Ironic how that turned out. Hm…

Then he got home around 3am, bought for me a burger because I was hungry. Again, he bought for me things when it was me who should’ve at least got for him something. Since he was at the office until around 1.30, I asked him did he go and have beer with his friends since it was his birthday. He said know and I joked saying that of all the days that he had been having beer before he gets home, this is the one night that he should’ve.

Then he took out a bag from his backpack and there were beer cans inside. He smiled and said that he thought he’d rather have beer with me than with his friends on his birthday. It was the sweetest thing anyone could ever say to me. Yeah, it’s just beer but it was extremely thoughtful that it moved me beyond words.

So we had the beer and talked about nothing in particular because we’re just wasting time and enjoying each other’s company. He looked happy that he turned 30 but there is that serious undertone beneath his looks that showed as though he realized that he is already 30 and he needs to get things going the way he had wanted them to all along.

I love looking at Mohen.

It makes me feel nice, it makes me feel like there is so much love in me for him and that the world feel and seemed like a better place with a man like him around me.

We made love after Eros was asleep and it was very comforting because he fell asleep on me for a moment. I just lay there and hug him because the feel of his breathing and heartbeat against my chest was too sweet to let go.

The morning after we went for breakfast. It felt like a new day even for me, like new things are going to happen and they are all good things. I can taste it in my mouth but I just don’t know when they are going to come through.

I think Mohen feels differently about today too because there is almost an electric feeling in his hands when I hold them.

It’s his 30th birthday and he did say that his life begins at 30.



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