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Visited By An Old Friend

Being 24, I wouldn’t say that I have many friends that I’ve lost along the way. And by lost, I do mean friends that have passed on.

There was this one friend that I used to have and I only got the chance to know him until I was form 3 because when I was form 4 and moved to a different school, the next news I got about him was of his passing on ~ al-fathehah.

I am actually embarrassed to admit that I can’t even remember his full name but I know him affectionately as Ridzuan. I’m not sure if any of you guys tagged here remembered either although I am pretty sure most of you would definitely remember him.

I had a dream about him last night. Well, not really about him per se, but a dream where he is there. He didn’t though say anything to me neither did I say anything to him. In the dream, I was trying to form a dancing group (not surprisingly) and I was looking for a guy to be one of the members and as I walked out from the studio, Edy Farhaan was standing there with Ridzuan and with this other guy who looks like a cross between Edy and Ridzuan. The guy’s name was Umeer Cameroon Pawlnickla. I remembered this distinctively because I was trying to jot down his name for my team member and the guy repeated his name 3 times.

All the while, Ridzuan was standing there and laughing. What’s funny is that he is wearing a school uniform because that was how I remembered him last. I have never hung out with him outside school hours because we were not that close but we were pretty close when we were during classes. He of course, looked the way I remembered him to be – 15 years of age whereas Edy and I looked how we looked now although I have never seen Edy since form 5.

I strongly believe in dreams. And I thought it was nice for Ridzuan to visit me. I wonder why…



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