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Having That Bump

Most of the times, I really miss being pregnant.

And the thing that I miss most about being pregnant is the feeling of the baby kicking inside. It’s really a beautiful feeling depsite a painful one. For my pregnancy, I didn’t like really have one that is plain like some women did. But I consider myself lucky because I get to experience pregnancy at one of it’s worse conditions because I never did get to feel the real labor contractions on the day that I gave birth.

I wish to get pregnant again but I don’t really feel like having another kid.

I mean, I kind of like to have another child but not just yet. Not at the moment because I don’t know when I will get over the depression I have when I had Eros. I don’t want to go through that thing again because I don’t feel it’s fair for the child. It was really unfortunate for Eros to be involved in it and I don’t want it to repeat itself ever again on my second or any child after Eros.

I dreamed that I had twin boys after Eros.

I wonder.



A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

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