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Rise That Sun

For some strange reason, I am feeling horridly down today.

I was perky enough in the morning but somehow as the day wears out, I get irritated with a lot of things and started to be a little grumpy with almost everything. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what was bothering me so I thought I don’t want to be bothered with what’s bothering me because I was too irritated at being irritated at everything.

I forgot to mention that Mohen nowadays starts work only at 5pm so gone are the days when I used to see him during my lunch at 1pm where we could at least spent 20minutes together. I only get to see him at 4pm and 7pm during his first break, 15minutes on each occasion.

So from the moment I was at work, which will be around 845am and sometimes 730 am, I would have to wait, what, 7 odd hours before Icould see him. That is incredibly long for me because I like seeing him often at work, just to smoke, or talk about other girls or just gossip between the two of us.

Then today, for my last break, I went out for a smoke and saw Mohen’s car. Still my spirits went a tad higher since I knew that he’s already at the office because sometimes he might arrive late and I can only get to see him at 7pm. Had that happened today, I would’ve probably punched the face of the first person that said Hi to me.

I was walking towards the area where he was smoking and I saw him looked at me as I made my way to him and just before I reached to where he was standing, he gave me a smile. Not really a huge smile, but it send electricity coursing right through my veins there and then.

I started to talk nonstop, I started to laugh and we had a merry enough desultory conversation with our friends.

As we walked back to the office, I was thinking to myself that I think I know now what people mean when they say that they have someone to brighten up their day. Because the moment Mohen smiled at me, I felt as though someone has miraculously defy the laws of physics and literally rise the sun for me and only me.

I have, honest to God, never had anyone who actually can brighten up my day. Literally.

I am glad that it is Mohen that has this effect on  me.

So I know that even if one day the sun decided not to show up, I only have to look at Mohen.



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