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We both have big dreams about each other and also ourselves.

Him, mostly himself, me, mostly us.

I do know that people do tend to dream big and sometimes we might even confuse our ambitions with daydreaming because most of the times a daydream can feel so real and so goddamn possible.

I don’t know if you know this about me but I am a person who really, really believes in dreams and intuition and signs and all things celestial like that. I like spells and tarot and stars and the Earth and the sky and the moon and the sun and all that. I don’t exactly know what do they call people like me but if you want to get an idea, Phoebe Buffay is a close comparison to what I am like. I know there is definitely a word for people like me but I have yet to come acroos with it.

So, as I was saying.

I had this feeling before and of course I didn’t tell Mohen back then because I thought that we were just dating and nothing serious is going to come out of it. Even back then, he used to tell me all kind of his hopes and dreams that he wish to achieve by a certain age. And I can see the passion and fire in his eyes. Yes, there were times where his dreams and ideas are a little far-fetch (mind you I did not say impossible) and rather too dreamy but he stuck to it.

When he was telling me all this and all the while I was listening, I had this moment when my heart sort of skipped a beat and at that moment I had that feeling that this guy will most probably get what he dreams of. There was that little distant feeling in me and as I know him more and more day by day, I realized that his dreams aren’t that extravagant and it is even very remotely possible that he will get what he dreams of one day.

Of course after we got together seriously and Eros came along, I told him about this. And he knew me better than to think that I was just being nice to him about telling him that he will get what he wants. He does sometimes wake up in the morning and asked him to tell him what his dreams mean. So when I told him about that little feeling that I have before and that that feeling has grown in time, he looked at me, held my hands and said, “Soon, gurl. Very soon.”

I know now that both of us are going through a tough time. But it’s really great that we stuck to each other through our thick and thin. I know more will come for I can feel that our life will never be boring.

And I hope my sticking by him, maybe I will get to sunbathe on our yatch one day as he dreams.



A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

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