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A Good Wife

So someone told me that a good wife is someone who is a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom. Another person told me that she will hire servants for the other two and take care of the bedroom bit. I can’t honestly say if I have someone told this to me or I have read it somewhere. Must be the latter because I would usually remember people pretty well since I have a good memory and all.

I can’t say that I agree to the latter statement though. Geez, for all I know I could’ve read both sentences quoted by the same person. Anyway, coming back to where I was, I totally can’t agree to the latter statement as I am all for for the former statement.

Now this I am definitely sure that someone told me, that a way to men’s heart is through their stomach. I mean, come on, just for the sake of argument, how superficial can men be, really. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? I mean, men, give us a challenge, please. Although I know that not all women out there can be a Flloyd or the least Jamie Oliver (no offence to his fans but I don’t think he is much of a cook really. Just a guy who has a good heart, and boy, does he have a good heart, that just happens to know how to cook) but at least most us of can cook, contrary to some belief, at least to some level. I can’t however, vouch for those who are so hopeless that they even burnt their toasts. In the toaster.

As superficial as men can and I believe them to be sometimes, I don’t think that they are that superficial when it comes to love. And I am talking about real love here. Not I-love-you-because-you-are-here-so-I-have-no-choice kind of love.

Sure men has all this machismo about not giving two shits about love and all that mushy things and all that jazz. But I do believe that in their hearts of hearts that when it drills down to a woman that they really care and love, I don’t think they are judging the relationship purely on sex. Maybe some are, I don’t know, maybe it’s just be being a utilitarian so I have to argue both side, I don’t know, but for those that are in a relationship (with the same partner, thank you very much) for years, I don’t think that they are judging their relationship by solely and purely on that criteria. I mean, otherwise, please kid me not, you would be bored out of your mind.

Just a thought to illustrate my point.

I love the FRIENDS series, I can’t never get enough of them. When I first watched it when I was about 15, I thought they were the coolest bunch of people ever. Ever. I wanted to be like them, have an apartment like Monica’s, have glossy hair like Rachel’s, have Ross’ job and all that. Now when I watched them again, it was as though I am able to appreciate it on another level. I mean, the screen writers are actually smart and very witty.

There was this one episode where Rachel was telling her friends about this orthodontist guy that she is going to marry (for those who loves the show you guys know she didn’t but that is not where I’m getting at) and she showed her pumpkin size ring to them. One of the girlfriends said, “Isn’t it exciting? It’s like having a boyfriend for life!”

Rachel stopped short at that statement. Do you realize how creepy it is when you already know certain things but when you have someone else said it to you, it just slaps you in the face or felt like someone just yanked the rug from underneath you?

Now, how can sex with the same person (for life, may I remind you) be exciting if you simply don’t love that person? And for life if you don’t already know, is a long time.

I don’t think food and sex are the only way to a man’s heart.

I think we should give them more credit for trying to be that man in their woman’s life. It’s not an easy job going to work, trying to put food on the table and pay the bills while at the same time secretly desperate wanting to buy your woman something that smells nice or sparkling when she puts it on when those things don’t exactly cost them a nickel and on top of that coming home to make love to their woman night after night after night after night.

All men’s primal need is one – to take care and protect their woman. At no matter what cost.

So I think it’s a fair price for us girls to pay them back by being a maid in the living room so it will be clean and smells of lavender when they come home; be a cook in the kitchen so he can nourish himself after a hard day’s work (and yes, it is a lot harder than you think to be sitting at your desk the whole day than breaking your back working in the field) and a being a whore in the bedroom because, let’s admit it, don’t we want to play as hard as we work?

I don’t mind being with Mohen for life.

That is the whole point of me being with him in the first place anyway.



A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

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