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Desperate Housewife (?)

Now, can someone just tell me when exactly being a housewife is a sin?

I, completely and wholeheartedly blame that damn show because thanks to some scantily clad women with superficial mammary prominence, being a housewife now is deemed sinful to the point of being an infidel.

How can taking care of your son, doing the laundry, cook for your husband and perhaps some innocent gardening in the evening be; please note that I am disgusted to say this word – wrong? To think that once working woman is considered a taboo and she is accused of being promiscuous and actually off gallivanting with men after working hours.

Just because housewife stays at home and may not know what it takes (or feel if you want) to wear a power-suit, it doesn’t mean that these women are shallow, conservative or even boring. Sure a career woman can be more stimulating because of all the make up and expensive hair-do and what with all the big words they use during the meeting. But would you think they would bust a $150 manicure over kneading dough for the dinner bread? Don’t think so.

Perhaps this is the image that the show was trying to portray. They are trying to deviate the common idea of housewives and show that they are not shallow, conservative or boring and yes, they too can dress skimpily, thank you very much. But I guess the show stretched the truth a little more than I would’ve like. Besides some really promiscuous and maneater women, how many of us would really sleep with the gardener even though he looks like he just stepped out from a GQ photoshoot? And come on, how many gardener is there (in real life, please take note) that actually looks like that?

I’ve read somewhere (and this comes from a woman, mind you) that women should not be a housewife because “women need to be independent, make their own decision and stand on their own two feet“. Can someone please point out to me which part of this statement did not reflect a housewife’s role? For the sake of my argument, I will do a checklist:

1. Women need to be independent – The moment the man in your life walks out the door to leave for work – the house, the car, the children whole being, your own safety, pets if you have them; are all in your hands. You need to take care of everything just so that you have a roof on your head the next day and that your husband don’t come home and find you and your kid sliced in two by some unknown perpetrator.

2. Women need to make their own decision – I guess being a housewife sort of dampens or even shuts off your brain because obviously being a housewife doesn’t allow you to make your own decision. I can’t remember the last time Mohen tells me what to cook, or what time to do the laundry, or when to change the sheets, or when to take Eros out for a walk, or how to change a lightbulb, or what color curtain should I get. My bad. These are not decisions because decisions now means what time should the meeting be, who can start the later shift and how do we get these graphs up because the people up there sure isn’t happy about it.

3. Women need to stand on their two feet – Again being a housewife has now seemed to maim you as a person. Who is the one that needs to drive the kids to school? Who is the one that needs to go to the supermarket to get groceries so the family won’t starve? Who needs to pay all the bills before the rush-hour traffic so that she can pick the kids from school? It’s amazing how standing on two feet now focuses only on independently taking the train to work, get paid by the end of the month because that is “her-salary-so-she-can-do-whatever-she-wants-with-it-because-she-stood-on-her-2-damn-feet-to-earn-it” and also facing a sea of men during the proposal presentation.

I never view housewife as a humiliating career because my Mom gave up her dream of being an art historian in Australia just so she can make sure me and my sisters have someone waiting for us at home when we come back from school and that proper lunch is on the table so that we won’t have to eat the despicable meals the babysitter cooks.

What makes me sad is that women themselves now make fun of housewife. I guess primal need of taking care of your family is so shameful that they will immerse themselves in the career world and make as much money as they can because if they can buy their kids the XBox 360 or the ATV or get themselves a $320 lingerie, it would make them the best mother and wife in the world.

2000 years of evolution and still we haven’t change an iota.

Why am I not surprised?



A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

One thought on “Desperate Housewife (?)

  1. My neighbor is a (hot) general contractor and all of his workers are 20 something hotties. Desperate housewives keep the workers on, job after job, after job. Its truly amazing.
    I agree with the importance of you staying at home. I was home for many years while the kids were young, then worked part-time so I could be there when they came home from school. It’s called good parenting.
    I address the issue of women in the workforce in my post: and support your position on the issue.


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