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Hyperactive – Blessing or Burden

I don’t know if Eros can be categorized as a hyperactive child.

From what I know and read from the medical books, hyperactivity in children is considered a disorder. Are you kidding me? My son, Eros? Who is turning 2 in two months time? Him? Having a disorder? No way.

So of course, I read more on it to really understand and know if Eros does have a hyperactive disorder. Being someone who comes from a Malay background, we do not see everything as an illness or disorder or abnormality. We usually resort to, “Oh, he’s just a kid.”

I mean, I am not being a paranoid thinking that my overly active and energetic son is having a disorder. But I admit that there were times that I can’t help but wonder what if he might?

The symptoms shared in seems to describe 90% of how Eros is. Hyperactivity in children is often associated with attention deficit disorder, therefore the term ADHD (attention-deficit & hyperactive disorder).

Eros is hyper but certainly is not attention deficit. To be categorized as attention deficit, a child is considered unable to pay attention to any task, take and understand instructions or seems to daze while the parent is talking. Well, Eros does the last one but not all the time. He dazed away mainly because I was talking to him for too long and I myself felt that I am boring him.

My son takes instruction very well, even at the age of 1 year and 10 months. He knows where the laundry goes, he throws the soiled diapers into the bin and he keeps all his toys before he goes to bed. That obviously rule out attention deficit disorder. Phew!

Hyperactive is defined as “Hyperactive children often have a reduced ability to relax and calm themselves. This can be seen as restless, nervous or kinetic behaviors that can interfere with daily routines, such as sitting down to meals or attending church ]”.

For those who has met and spent time with Eros, the one and only comment I get from you guys is, “Jaja, how the hell do you do this everyday?’ The truth is, I don’t know. I know that Eros is active and wants to explore the world as far as his eyes can see. I feel it in my heart that it is wrong for me to hamper his interest so I go along, watching him from the sidelines just so he won’t hurt himself.

Eros is one tough kid. If he falls flat on his face, he will get up and continue to run. Only if he got cuts or bruises from his fall, he will cry. But even so, it’s only for like, what, 30 seconds? Then he will wriggle free from me or Mohen and started running again. He will not give up when he does something. He will make sure that his books are properly stacked, according to size (another OCD in the making, I presume) and then he will move to another toy or activity.

However, none of the articles that I have read actually consider hyperactive children a case to be medicinally treated. In fact, hyperactive children are usually creative for they can think of so many things at once, flexible due to their energy so they are open to more options and ideas, enthusiastic and energetic – everything Eros is!

The downside is how it is effecting the parents. The were countless times where Mohen or I raised our voices to Eros for not behaving the way we want him to. Then we feel bad for Eros because he wants to learn everything and just because we need to talk to the TV salesman, we raised our voices to him. And of course it gets irritating and frustrating to when Eros is tugging at my skirt and trying to climb up my legs while I’m paying for the groceries but I always tell myself that I shouldn’t yell at him because there is nothing worse than a public humiliation to a child’s growth.

Eros is a marvelous bundle of energy that you can’t get enough of. You can just see it in his eyes that he is intelligent and that he can’t wait to take on the world. I guess if Eros is ever to write an autobiography, his tagline will probably be something like;




A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

2 thoughts on “Hyperactive – Blessing or Burden

  1. What a wonderful little man you have there. All that energy doesn’t become a problem until its time to sit in a classroom. You sound like a very caring mother. Enjoy him and all his energy. Its not easy but you can try to avoid foods with sugar and caffiene. Scheduling blocks of time for sit down play periods with building blocks, art projects, and books, expanding the periods little by little. I think all that energy is healthy until society makes a big deal about it.
    When mine were little like your boy I’d make this sound like a buzzer indicating times up, when they are out of control it gets there attention and they reel it in, its like saying no to them without the whole conversation and others getting into your parenting business when your in public.


    1. I love the buzzer idea thing. I will definitely try to do that with Eros. For me, I am okay with all the energy and all (except for a few occasions where I needed him to be toned down a little!) but all the reading about hyperactive children worries me! I guess you are right that it’s all okay until society makes a big deal out of it. He doesn’t seem to have ADD but I am keeping a lookout for any signs when he enters school in about 3 years time.

      Thanks for your kind words!


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