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Superstitious? Yes? No?

I don’t know whether I am a superstitious person or not. But there are certain things that I do and very particular about. I am not sure if those things are considered superstition or just plain habit.

These are the things that I do (need to do or otherwise I freak out. Well, almost). You decide if they are superstitions, habit or just plain quirks.

1. Always give or receive money with your right hand. Justification – None.

2. Never fight or argue when the food is on the table. Justification – Respect the food that you are about to consume that was given by God.

3. Always kiss or be kissed by the one you love before you go to bed. Justification – You may not wake up the next day and it’s nice to know you kiss them.

4. Step out with your right foot when you leave the house. Justification – None.

5. Always open the windows first thing in the morning. Justification – Some might say that I let in the fresh morning air. But somehow I feel that when I do this, I let in the good aura of the morning and hopefully it will be a good, blessed day.

6. Think of something that you want when you see a white bird fly in front of you. Justification – None.

7. Do not step on small animals (this includes pest like roaches, ants or millipedes – I never do this. I swear. Ask Mohen.) Justification – None.

8. Point to a flowers or fruits that are still attached to their trees with bended forefinger. Justification – None.

9. Believe your gut when you feel something bad is about to happen. Justification – I have none for this one but since it has happened more than a gazilionth time, I’ve grown to believe in it – steadfastly.

10. Accidentally biting your tongue is bad omen. Justification – None.

I am pretty sure everyone has that little something that they do but maybe no so much until it is considered a superstition either by yourself or someone else.

What’s yours?

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