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Why do we reminisce? I hardly consider myself someone who looks to the past to create the future. I think I have always been live for the moment kind of person despite I love planning so much things ahead, which yes, does seem a little contradicting but I do at the end of the day, tend to live in the moment and not think back about the things that I’ve done.
I can say that I don’t have regrets in my life. Sure I’ve done several, if not many, mistakes and things that I wished I didn’t do, but I do not feel remorseful or even regretful that those things happened or that I’ve done them. I feel and always tell myself that no matter how bad the consequences of those mistakes were/are, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I love being where I am today.
I have lived for 25 years and I have never once celebrated New Year’s. I have never been to a New Year’s Eve party. Not because I don’t get invited but I do not feel that there is a need to celebrate. Of course saying that just made me sound very pessimistic because it made me sound as though I have nothing to look forward to in the next 365 days, fresh out of the oven. So to say.
I enjoyed the year that has passed, whether or not anything good happened, and I welcome the coming year with open mind, thinking that things could probably get better or get worse than how it was. I guess I do this so that I wouldn’t be disappointed if nothing turns out to be the way I wanted. Which is another reason why I do not have New Year’s Resolution.
It’s nice to see people having so much hope and resolution for the new 365 days. But it is a sad thing to see them fall back to where they were before only 2 days after the toast was so merrily made at the party.
For me, there is nothing wrong with reminiscing about the past because to a lot of people, that was how they learn and grow – from past mistakes. But I think it is rather superficial to be toasting and boasting for a better year when there is nothing done and you fall back to the routine that you just left 365 days ago.
Do I reminisce? Only when I need to remember something in particular about my past. Usually about an old song, or an old friend, or a smell that I associated with something.
Usually I remember nothing more than that.


A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

One thought on “Reminisce

  1. yupz…i hv exactly da same opinion as yours about this new year thing..for me its not the NEW year changes us, its our matter in which year we r in..if we dun want to make better of our self things will stay da way it is…


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