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Songs That Remind Me

These are few of the songs that will always remind me of Mohen no matter what time of day it is. I am thinking of him right now but I don’t know what to write and then this song started playing on the radio. So I thought I post this for him even though I don’t think Mohen will ever read my posts 🙂

Bailamos, Enrique Iglesias This is because we love to dance and we are the best dance partner each of us has ever found. When I first danced with Mohen, I know I found my dance soulmate. 

Everything, Lifehouse Mohen dedicated this song for me when we were dating for about 2 months. I cried when I first heard it. It has made its way straight to my top favorites.

You Give Love A Bad Name, Bon Jovi This was one of the songs that the band played during the first time I danced with Mohen. I was jumping and singing along as though I was really at a Bon Jovi’s concert. That was when Mohen kissed my cheek and made me froze.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You, Bryan Adams I like this song for the movie it was from. I have only started to think of Mohen when I hear this song recently because we had an argument and when Mohen walked away, I turned on the radio and this song came on. I think it wasn’t coincidence. 

I Can’t Help Myself, The Four Tops I love this song because it describes exactly how I feel about Mohen.

Clumsy, Fergie Every time I hear this song I get dizzy and fell clumsy all over because I think that’s how loving Mohen has gotten me.

Para Tu Amor, Juanes I don’t know how can someone write a song as beautiful as this. I love this song before I met Mohen. When I was with him, I Googled for the translation and know why God made me love this song. It’s so that I know that it’s for Mohen.

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