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We’ll Be All Right

We’ve decided to go to Thailand!!

We’re going to Koh Phangan this May for our anniversary. This would be the first time we’re going on a vacation just the two of us.

I guess we really needed this break and it’s amazing because I have never been to Thailand in my life! I know that this will be the start to many more vacations to come. I know that we’ll be going without Eros but I think it’s a good start for us because we need to be alone with each other where we don’t think about anyone else and not think about anything else but us, the sun and the beach!

I can’t think of another perfect way for us to start over because honestly, I think that’s what we really need. We need to have a chance to look at each other the way we first looked at each other when we fell in love 3 years ago.

We’ll be going in May for the Full Moon Party but we’ll go earlier than the party so that we have time to enjoy us and the place. So many of our friends are telling us that we should go because Mohen and I love spending time together, just us. This will be perfect! I can’t wait to be on the beach on Mohen and party like we did when it was just us before. I don’t care if we have to sleep on the beach after all that partying – all I’m looking forward to is being with him!

It’s amazing because despite being together for 3 years now, we have never ever been on a vacation, a honeymoon or a time-off with just us two.

I think it’s great that we go just the two of us because we’ll discover each other again and have fun like we used to. I know I would want to go with Eros to Thailand one day. But I know this our chance to fall in love again. And I think it’s going to be more than perfect! I can’t wait.

Now I have to start losing this extra weight before May! Time to go shopping for new bikinis after that!



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