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When I was little, all I wanted was to have long legs like Betty Grable and chest like Jessica Rabbit. Pin-up poster girls probably epitomize a perfect woman albeit a typical, sexually charged woman, but woman that incites imagination in the men nevertheless. Irregardless that they look shallow, ditsy and hussy but they are the kind of woman that men wants.

Now that I am woman, I find them to be very offensive. Yes, I still love the way they look and do have a few framed posters around my house, but I do not think I would want to be like them anymore. I think it’s easy being a pin-up poster girl where all you have to do is sit with your legs up, hands on hips, straps off your dress fall carelessly around your shoulder, revealing a hint of plump breasts. But what do you as a woman?

There is a lot more than just being pretty when you’re a woman. You have family to take care, you have a man to feed, you have a house to clean and you have the dog to bathe. Trying to do all these things with perfectly painted nails is not an easy job. Yet all men secretly wished that their woman can be look and dress like a Betty Garble here and still do all the houseworks.

You don’t see any pin-up poster boys around. Even if you do, women never expect these boys to be doing the housework. Maybe fixing a car in low riding jeans and with grease smeared a little on the chest and arms but certainly not washing the dishes or doing the laundry.

I have come to accept the difference between men and women. I support my man the way he wants to be supported and I request for him to cherish my feelings the way I want them to be validated. So far things are looking good and we hope to work things better for our future.

And if sometimes he wants me to dress up like a pin-up poster girl, I don’t think I mind.



A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

One thought on “Superwoman

  1. There’s nothing wrong with playing the sexy game with your man. I miss the time when my weekends were free of kids off with their father, my ex, and I was the sexy girlfriend playing with my man on a Saturday afternoon.

    I was thinking… sending your son off on a play date or with relatives and planning a stay at home date with daddy might spark some of that desired conversation between rounds one and two : )

    Surprising him with this maybe a disappointment, let it be something the two of you look forward to.

    Happy days to you pin-up girl!


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