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What A Week!

I don’t think I have enough time this week to blog on anything! So much for my postaday2011 tag! First of all, so many things are happening and so many things to do that whenever I finally had the time to sit down to blog, my body would be aching and my eyes were so droopy that I don’t even know what I typed. I checked my draft page and found out that I have saved about 6 drafts in this week alone. I hardly have drafts because I can write in one seating and post it straight away. I have drafts only when I can’t think clearly. Clearly I can’t think clearly six times last week alone! šŸ˜€

Photo courtesy of Google Image

I have started teaching speech and drama to preschoolers beginning last week. My class is about 10 students, age from 4-6 years old. My cousin helped me out in my first class last week because she has been teaching speech and drama for almost three years now so she was there to help me get started.

I love how energetic and cooperative the kids were. I can’t stop thinking that my son should join drama class once he’s big enough to understand instructions. With the amount of energy that Eros has, I need to find a way for him to channel it and I think drama is perfect for him. I have always been involved with drama for as long as I can remember. I was always on the drama club at middle and high school. Then I am always going to plays around town and get involved with as much as I can with drama.

I am thinking of getting involved in drama again but as my discussion with my cousin went (who is very active in drama from playwright to directing to acting), I would need to really commit myself to the rehearsals and all. I have to think about putting up Eros at my Mom’s house during my rehearsals and for what? I am not looking into becoming a local celebrity in the drama world. I want to do it simply because I love acting. It is my passion other than writing. I was thinking that perhaps once Eros is big enough, I can bring him to get involved in theater as I teach. Then he would have something that he does with me. It would probably give him nice childhood memories.

The family having fun with the camera after dinner

This weekend was also the first time my family gathered for some quality family time at my place. We swam for hours in the pool at where I stay and then had dinner because everyone was hungry after all the swimming and laughing.

We are a very close-knit family and we love taking photos what more with so many of us with talent in photography. It was a white-themed dinner because I know it would look great in photos. And I was right! After dinner, we all started taking photos and all, and all of them turned out awesome. My cousin-in-law is a freelance photographer and he takes great photos. I have a beautiful family and it gets better because we all take great photos together!

There are many shots that I want to share but here’s a few.

Mohen Corleone, Eros Aiden Mohen and me. We take beautiful photos together.
Pretty girls in white

This was one of my favorite shot of the night. I am going to blow this up and have it hanged as the main piece in our living room!

I love how Mohen, Eros and I take great photos together. Call meĀ narcissusĀ but I am so proud of how great the 3 of us look.

There are many girls in my family and this is just 1/3 of it. My sisters are the one in striped white t-shirt, the blonde at the back and the one with glasses on far right.

Us at 25 and then at 5

This is my cousin who is like my best friend other than Mohen. We grew up in 2 different state but we are always with each other. She is now 5 months pregnant. When I was pregnant, she was staying with me in the other spare room we had because she just graduated then and wanted to live in the city. We always had so much fun together ever since we were kids. The photo here proves it all!

Just 1/3 of the boys in my family (I told you I have a BIG family!). They are all very close because heck, all of us are close! We are all about the same age so there are many things we share and like and keep each other updated. Eros was super excited with all the boys around yesterday that he totally ignored me! It was great for him because he can understand and communicate more now with others so I know he had fun too.

We love being silly together!

I really enjoyed this week despite all the running around, lesson-planning, cooking and cleaning up (if you have never cleaned up after 15 people, then you don’t know how beaten I was after everyone went back!).

Hope all of you had a great week too!



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