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How Long Has It Been Again?

Oh, I have not been writing for so long I think I have actually lost the skills of a writer. Not that I think I have that much of a skill to flaunt but I think it’s something that I can sharpen as I write more.

The effect hides any country reject into my economics. That is probably why I would rather know how to save money in my household and think about how to make ends meet with the new place I am moving. Oh, I have to move in a new place by the end of April. Did I tell you that? Of course I didn’t since I last wrote anything in February.

What has life thrown me that I am so busy with so many things? Now that I think back about it, it’s not much of a thing but it’s an accumulation of one thing after another that make it seems as though the things I have to handle is endless.

Oh, well. Waste not what not. I make do with what I can. In th meantime, I have to rush off somewhere but today doesn’t look like too busy a day so I would probably be back at a decent hour enough to blog.



A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

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