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Newspaper Print Nails

I love nail polishes.

And come to think about it, which girl doesn’t? It makes your fingers look prettier and it can compliment an outfit like magic.

I just discovered something new and it’s newspaper print nails! It’s the coolest thing since flowery nail art, I think! For a book freak like me, I think it’s awesome and geeky at the same time. It shows my love for the printed words.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make sure your nails are clean, healthy and no open cuts. Wash your hands and scrub your nails before you start the procedure
  2. Your nails would need to be painted in the base tone already or not lacquered at all as the newspaper print will be the design on the color/nails
  3. Rubbing alcohol or vodka, 10 stripes of newspaper (this is what you will be putting on your nails so make sure it has the words that you want to show on the nails. Make sure that the stripes are bigger than your nails.), clear nail polish as coat
  4. Dip your nails, one at a time, into the reagent for about 5 minutes. This is to make sure that newspaper ink will come off the paper and stick to your nails
  5. Just when the nail is just wet enough (not too wet), press the strip of the newspaper firmly against your nail. Make sure it doesn’t move otherwise it will cause smudges and the print will blur
  6. Remove the strip of newspaper and let the remaining reagent vaporise before applying a clear nail varnish as coat

Newspaper print nail art is the new art




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