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What Are The Odds?

It has been about three weeks since we really last talked to each other.

In his defense, it is his work that doesn’t allow him much time to be at home and with me. And surprisingly, I have been very un-me these few weeks.

Usually when he doesn’t spend much time at home and we didn’t get a chance to talk for hours, I will say something that will to him sound like I’m complaining about him working. But these few weeks, specifically these 3 weeks that gone by, I hardly say a word about his working hours or about his lack of presence at home.

I think it must be the third trimester kicking in. I really can’t be thinking about anything much else except to get this pregnancy over with. I think somehow that reliefs him because usually it’s my bickering and complaining that gets him stressed out because he thinks that I don’t understand that he has to work long hours. The fact is, I always do understand. Heck, I was doing the exact same job up until I left work many months back. I just like to make him know how I feel when he’s not around.

That’s all.

There was once or twice (or 8th times) that it occurred to me that what would it be like if I were not seeing him. If I were not a mother of one and a half and I were as how I was before. This thought strayed into daydream especially when he’s not around. Not because I thought of seeing someone else behind his back just to feel the thrill of dating but just because I was lonely and to be honest, sometimes, tired of missing him all the time. I mean, I like missing him because that is how I know he still means the world to me but sometimes it makes me wonder if I’m the only one that’s missing him.

I was just reading up about relationships on-line when I come across on-line dating. Now, I know about how relationships can grow and turn into a serious thing over the Internet but I didn’t know there are that many sites that caters to on-line dating. The last time I ever had any kind of relationship on-line was with a school friend, whom I barely know, but we hit it off great when talking on the Internet. But nothing happen. We’re just friends that are more comfortable telling each other things we went through through a chat window rather than over coffee, face to face.

As I clicked on some of the dating sites, I realized that there are sites that take on-line dating seriously. Serious enough that there is an analysis of the top dating sites done by

I think there is enough thriller movies and CSI episodes that show how easily crimes can be committed through on-line dating. People can be that gullible and trusting when it comes to on-line relationships. The viewers are of course, always think they are too smart for such thing as on-line dating. But I wouldn’t put my money where my mouth is just yet.

There is a different feeling you get when you’re talking to someone over the Internet. It develops a different kind of relationship that you just don’t get through face to face relationship. Of course more often than not, the computer screen becomes your guise to someone that you’ve always wanted to become but couldn’t and allows you to go on a spree of impressing every person you come across the Internet with.

But there are real enough people who has real enough relationships through on-line dating. Either through specific demographic searches or an on-line matchmaking that uses computerized dating site matching algorithms. Bet you didn’t know that on-line dating can sound like something out of a Numbers episode, did you?

I didn’t register or sign up for any of the on-line dating sites that I visited but I did read through some of the testimony given by those who has joined and truly did find someone they can connect and have a relationship they can carry on with and I was amazed by how much on-line dating effects so many people.

There are many special features offered by the dating sites that make it easier for users to find the right person to chat or connect or, I think I’m allowed to use this term in this context, date. Through on-line dating feature comparison, you can find your match through similar interests, personality traits and even a high-tech matching of the result of your relationship background, which is done through a set of questionnaire prior to creating a profile in the dating site.

I mean, in a world where everyone is plugged to the Internet somewhere somehow, on-line dating could be your best bet in meeting someone the quickest and cleanest way. No more dating toads before you find your prince, no more going out for countless drinks before deciding whether you two should start seeing each other officially and all those mushy dating things people used to do.

Me and my boyfriend hit it off after few beers and we’ve been together ever since. But should I still be working and not dating him, I wonder what are the odds that we might find each other on-line and started dating through the dating sites? People do say that if you’re meant to be together, it doesn’t matter how you meet or going to meet or end up, you will be with each other.

Maybe if I know more of my real life friends who has successful relationship sprung from on-line dating I would start to believe that the world isn’t just about coincidence.

You make your choice and click Search.



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