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Well, That’s Just Peachy

Oh, well isn’t this just great.

I’ve signed up for so that I can put my writing skills to use and perhaps starting to make some money from it.

The rules and regulations and guidelines were laborious enough for a writer to go through but they are very clear and detailed. I had painstakingly read each and every link, every tutorial and FAQs and common mistakes made by new writers. Feeling confident enough, I wrote my first article and held my breath as I put it up for submission.

Not long after I received notification about how it was reviewed and accepted and now currently queued for advertisers to purchase my article and boy, am I on the way of making money online. Out of this encouragement, I wrote another article and took more time in writing this one for I not only want to vary my style of writing for different topics, it is also about teaching drama, something that I personally do. Therefore, I took the time to review and edit and proof read the article so that I miss nothing.

Instead of holding my breath this time around, I navigated to my other sites while waiting for a confirmation that the article has been reviewed and accepted. Sure enough when I saw the (1) in my notification feed, I clicked on it eagerly.

Eagerly and hopeful but only to find that my account has been suspended.

Not only it is suspended, constant-content also do not wish to further review any of my work in the future. They thank me for my time with them and interest in joining them and wish me luck in my writing endeavors.

The reason for my account being suspended is apparently the article I submitted last had some grammar errors in terms of sentence structure/coherent writing. Because this article was rejected, my account is directly suspended because I have bad grammar.

I find that a little rude.

Although most companies that pay bloggers for blogging are strict about their writers being professional and have good command of the English grammar, I know no other that will automatically suspend a blogger on the account of grammar errors. And oh, did I mention this is a permanent suspension and not something that has a cooling off period in which I can return and use my account again?

The blatant message for my suspension.

I’ve read the reviews about CC before signing up and the reason that I did was because there are more positive ones than the bad ones. It really does keep it standard for good grammar but none of the reviews advise the bloggers to be extra (if not obsessively) careful about their sentence structure and tenses and other grammatical elements in articles submitted.

Even so, what annoyed me the most is the fact that I was put down for incoherent writing where I’ve always prided myself for having good (or at least commendable) grammar. Especially for an Asian and living in a country where the standard of English isn’t really that high. Yes, I admit there are times where I get carried away with my writing and tend to be very long-winded with my sentence. I tend not to use many full stops but rely on commas and semi-colons to write on an idea of a paragraph. I just feel that that is my style of writing.

Obviously constant-content is not amused.

Now I don’t know if I will ever be accepted again into constant-content because I have yet to receive a reply from them in regards to my account suspension. Although the message clearly stated that I’ve been permanently suspended, I still sent them an email requesting further information. I think I did that out of spite, not entirely out itching curiosity.

I don’t know if I’d recommend constant-content to my paid blogger friends. But I will surely tell them to mind their grammar there.




A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

3 thoughts on “Well, That’s Just Peachy

  1. Something similar happened to me there recently. Avoid Constant-Content like the plague if you are a writer. They will ditch you without much reason, and then never put in any effort to remedy the situation.

    It’s one thing to reject for improper use of grammar, for even the tiniest of mistakes, but it is a different ball game altogether when you’re outright suspended permanently.

    Avoid them, there are many other sites who will love you more than them. Take your work elsewhere.


    1. Thank you for this.

      Yes, I learnt the hard way because when I signed up with Constant-Content, I was just starting out. They should at least just delete the article instead of permanently banning the writer.


  2. Yep, after having article after article accepted, and being accepted into the Writer’s Pool (for a week), they ditched me stating that my article was not original. I’d like them to prove that in court. Overall, they leave a bad taste in my mouth and act very rude.


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