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Call Me Weepy and Hand Me The Tissues!

Reality shows aren’t really my favorite. I don’t watch every single one of them that is being aired and I certainly do not religiously follow any of them. I, like many others, do watch American Idol or X Factor or Amazing Race or Master Chef but even so I miss most of the episodes and end up getting updates from my aunt through her Facebook wall feed.

I’m fairly into entertainment but I don’t see a point in ranting publicly when a favorite of mine is voted off the show, or get all emotional when something happened to a celebrity I like, or shocked out of my wits when one singer decided to come out of his closet about his sexual orientation.

I don’t connect on that level with celebrities because for me I don’t think I should be reacting in such a way towards people that don’t even know I exist. It’s sufficient for me to know what’s going on without obsessing over it.

But one thing that can really pull my heartstrings is singing competition.

I can’t for the life of me sing. And I can’t say that I love to sing because I know I can’t carry a tune right even though I’m not tone deaf. Even when going for karaoke with my friends I tend to be hesitant to take up the mic. I do love good music and know when I hear one. Growing up with a musician dad makes me appreciate a good tune and beautiful melody and harmonious voices.

There is just something about singing reality shows. I can’t get enough of how the most unexpected people seems to have the most talent. And also how easily my tears just flowed the moment they open their mouth to sing.

I’m talking about the ones with sad stories but can’t sing a tune right. But the ones who tells their trials and tribulations with a serene, accepting face and then started singing like the voices of angels themselves.

One of my favorites of all time is Shaheen Jafargholi. I came across this video when I was pregnant with Eros. Now, I’ve had this countless dreams and notion that Eros will be a good singer. I don’t know why but I just knew that he is someone who can sing. Regardless of whether he actually make a living out of it, is not a matter but I just had the feeling he can sing very well.

When I saw this video, I cried like a baby because I can’t imagine anything more perfect for a mother to listen t0 her son sing such hard song by Michael Jackson and above all to get encouraging nod from tough music man, Simon Cowell.

Even though I know that when a video starts off with a little extra coverage about the contestants it is going to either be a laugh or a something really touching, I would hang on to every word and wish the host would hurry up so I could hear them sing.

I don’t know how but my tears just came rolling down my face when Emmanuel Kelly started singing at 3:21 of the video. And there was no stopping right until the end. My friends who asked me to watch this video warned me that it was touching right from the start but I could handle his disability for I know these people are always great at something we normal people are not. But he started singing, the emotions just take on overdrive and I cannot stop crying.

For me good voice is like a gift that not everyone is blessed with.

Luigiano Paals and Paul Potts are a few of those people. It’s as though God sings through them and there is no other sound that matters when they sing.

You may call me weepy and overly emotional over cliches like these on singing reality shows but it is during these moments that I feel the world isn’t such a bad place. With all these people and their beautiful voices and how they can touch people’s heart simply by singing, things can be changed for the better.

Just make sure you have boxes of tissues near you when they do.



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