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Rediscovering Humanity

I’m not sure how many of you have seen the video but despite being circulated for several days now, I have just only watched it tonight.

Even without the warning and notes about how disturbing it is, I refrained from watching it because I don’t fancy real life gory things. However, since it involved a 2year old toddler, I thought it must’ve been something really terrible and curiosity got the better of me.

What I saw is beyond my comprehension as a mother, a citizen and above all, a human.

Fighting for life.Photo courtesy of Mail Online

Let’s for a second treat the person who first ran over Yue Yue as a hit and run case. As terrible as that is, hit and run case is fairly common in road accident statistics. Fair enough? Okay.

But what happens after that is for me, utterly unacceptable.

Not only she was ran over again, while she is already lying injured on the road, there were more than 1 person who passed by who failed to do anything.

If you look closely in the video, you can clearly see she is lying in a pool of blood and it is very obvious that this child, regardless whether still alive or not at that point of time, need medical attention straight away.

Let me be frank. I think dogs would’ve have better sense to move its pup to the roadside should it be run over.

Man walked past without even glancing at the body on the road.

I was filled with total outrage at 0:14 part of the video for I totally didn’t expect for this man walk passed the little girl without so much as a glance.

Did he think it was a carcass of a roadkill? Did he think it was a real-life looking doll, dropped there by its owner?

As the video plays on, I am appalled at how none of the passers by did anything but look or even swerved their vehicle away, to avoid running over it.

Is there not any scrap of humanity in the hearts of these indifferent people?

I’m not going to point out the fact that this is in China and therefore the Chinese who were captured in this video did absolutely nothing to help the seriously wounded little Yue Yue.

But I’m going to ask them as a human. Do they not feel a single thing when they see a child lying on the road, with her legs mangled and lying in her own pool of blood by the roadside? Has modern world ripped them of humane feelings and sympathy and has now been replaced with apathy and indifference?

Where is humanity? Photo courtesy of Mail Online

The excuse of apparent lack of humanity is apparently due to fear of breaking the government rules on dealing with accident victims. A man was previously prosecuted when he tried to help an old lady who fell over by the roadside as his intervention is deemed against the law.

I can’t imagine how ridiculous that sound. I may not know China’s government ruling well enough or that particular law in depth but that sounds to me as though a cruel, heartless pretext to abandon more people to die on the roadside to bring down the population of the country.

Even so, if those passers by were that terrified of being prosecuted should they assist the injured girl, wouldn’t their own judgement and common sense overrule that fear? Wouldn’t they think of the mother of the girl and would they want their child be treated and left, literally, to die on the roadside?

I, honestly, hardly shed a tear over tragedies happening around the world. I will do my part in donating where I can, get involve in charity organization where I live but I do not pretend to be remorseful when I see a photo and then forget about it the next minute. For me, instead of crying injustice and ignorance of the world, I would rather do something about it personally so I know I have contributed to something, no matter how small it is.

But for Yue Yue, I cried.

I cried for her soul, I cried for the lack of humanity in the people who walked over her, I cried for she is only 2, not much younger than my own son, and she had to suffer this way at the hands of modernization.

As a mother, it is hard to accept the death of her own child. But to see her child suffered that way, is a torture no mother should ever deserve.

I pray for Yue Yue’s soul and for her mother to have strength. God may love Yue Yue more than we could ever understand.



A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

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