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What Disney Taught Me

Ever since I’ve resigned, I’ve spent a lot of times accompanying Eros watching the TV. It’s one way of us spending time together and also to make sure he’s not watching the unnecessary programs. I usually sit with him and we talk about the colors and discuss the things that are going on in the TV show.

And of course one of the shows we watch would have to be Disney. I grow up with Disney and now Eros too. Some of the cartoons are new like Ratatouille and some are old like Fantasia and Bambi.

The magic that is Disney is undeniable

Sometimes after Eros has gone to bed, I would play the movie and watch it again. It’s nice to sit in a quiet hall and watch Beauty and The Beast again after so many years. Of course now that I’m older, I’m able to pick up on subtle messages (not those subliminal sexual messages rumored to be hidden in Disney’s cartoons) in them.

After a while I realized that I actually learnt something from them and it’s amazing how much a simple cartoon for kids can relate to adults like me. Even until now, I would cry at the end of Disney’s cartoons either over a touching ending or how much the lessons in them taught me.

In my opinion, one of the best Disney's cartoons.

Tarzan is one of the movies that I really love. I love it for the colors, the attention paid to the details and of course, how incredibly handsome Tarzan is. Although he is quite hairless for a man who lives in a jungle all his life and never seen a razor, he is still very much an eye candy and I think one of the cutest Disney heroes ever.

What I love about Tarzan is how he, the estranged son, is struggling to please his father as much as he can even though there are times he wants to go against him in what he believes. This resonates in my own relationship with my father because I had a fall out with him for several years now. Although I’m not trying to please my father that much anymore, I can understand how much it pains him to be ostracized because he is different. My father stopped talking to me because I grew up to be different from what he wanted me to be so I to some level, I can understand how hard it is for Tarzan to please his father.

Jane taught me some things too.

She did fall too easily in love with him, but I don’t blame the girl. If I was in a place as exotic as Africa and met a man as handsome and macho as Tarzan who can, by the way, speak to animals, I would’ve been just as smitten. What more with the luscious background of nature and all. I don’t think she can help herself.

Even so, it is obvious that Jane is no bimbo. She is the daughter of a professor and she followed her father to study gorillas. So she is someone with a high education too. But she choose to stay behind with Tarzan in a jungle, a place where she knows there is nothing but primeval life.

It teaches you that love can, transcends all. Even if you know you’re going to live in a spartan place where you may have to work with your hands and eke a living, you’re willing to do it for that one person that you love. It may seem hopeless and even useless to others but if you believe it enough, you’re going to do it no matter what.

I can watch this movie over and over again.

I don’t know about you but I think Finding Nemohad to be a movie you just have to watch if you’re a parent. You would understand the extent that Marlin is willing to go to find his son because you know you are able to do about the same thing if your son is taken away from you.

One thing that strike me most is how, Marlin, a fish, is swimming across the entire ocean to look for his son. I don’t know if he realizes this but I’m not so sure what he’s going to do once he finds his son. I mean, sure Nigel helped him out by bringing him to the dentist and all but what if he didn’t meet Nigel? What if he swims all the way from the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney Harbor and found out that he can’t do anything to get his son back?

That didn’t matter to him. What matters to him is he gets to son and he gets to his son fast before anything worse can happen to him. It didn’t matter to a parent what will be the outcome or what other obstacles await him – just as long as he finds his son and take him back home safely. I cried like a baby each time the movie ended. Eros looked at me and rolled his eyes.

One of the timeless fairy tales

A friend once told me that none of the fairy tales are relevant or even logical. Take Cinderella for example. It is physically impossible for a human to wear delicate glass slippers without breaking them the moment she stands up. Even if the glass is made from some…here she goes on rambling about some scientific facts and calculations that I don’t understand.

I don’t get my friend. I thought almost every girl lives in fairy tales and scientific details that often deviates in fairy tales didn’t matter. Why ruin the magic with mathematical equations and physics of the universe and all? Most girls are contented to imagine herself as a princess in the fairy tale.

I explained to her that it’s not about the physics of glass in Cinderella. It means to tell girls that they should have grace and poise and be such delicate creatures that even when wearing glass slippers, hers steps can’t break them for she walks with dignity and grace that she seems to float like air.

My friend stared at me for a while and said she didn’t think of it that way.

I responded that she is obviously not a literature student. But the point is, I like how they teach girls to be regal and delicate that way. A girl is supposed to be lady-like and full of grace, not slutty like how you see most of them nowadays. I’m surprised by how the photos of girls in cut-off torn jeans and drooping singlets are deemed fashionable.

For me, Disney will always be a favorite. There is something about it that makes me feel nice and like a child inside each time I watch it. Although sometimes the endings are all cliche but hey, it’s Disney!

I can’t wait to share the magic with my daughter soon.



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