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There’s probably a lot of other words that could best describe Eros in these few days. I’ve been thinking of a word to name this post so I can explain how it has been for him ever since Sophia came home.


Sophia is adorable and Eros will grow to love her in time.

That is how I see him. It’s absolutely heart-wrenching during the first few days because as much as I was prepared to expect some jealousy and attention seeking tantrums, I wasn’t prepared for how it was making me feel emotionally.

I felt like crying each time I see him scream or yell or do something that he has never done before (like pouring his milk into the aquarium). I can only imagine what’s it like for him.

I know Eros is a very smart boy so he knows what he’s doing but I don’t think he truly understand why he is acting in such a way. He looks confused and lost that it breaks my heart.

Sometimes he will ignore me. Sometimes he wants to be with me and I can’t help but feel the tears welling when he comes near and put his head on my shoulder. I can’t believe how much I miss him and the times we spent together before Sophia was here.

Eros' first encounter with Sophia.

I try not to lose my temper with him because I know that that’s the last thing he needs. It was all right for others to scold him and he seems indifferent towards it but when Mohen or I raised our voices, Eros’ face will change and he will snap, like suddenly hitting Sophia or throwing his toys around the room.

Sibling rivalry phase doesn’t last forever, I know, and already Eros’ relationship with Sophia is improving.

He’s less offensive towards her and even excited when someone comes over to visit her, he will be the one that showed her to them. He has learnt to slowly kiss her forehead and know that he should not try to test what will happen if he pokes her eye. He even said no when someone asks to bring home Sophia with them.

I’m glad it’s slowly fading away, this jealousy thing. It was really hard watching Eros go through it because he is so small. Sure sometimes he’s still behaving erratically but we’ve all learnt how to handle him and also talk to him about Sophia rather than ask him to accept her.

Eros is a smart boy and he listens when Mohen or I sit him down for a big-boy-talk. It’s amazing how those little talks impact him and makes him a better brother and not see Sophia as a rival.

Eros is warming up to Sophia.

I know Eros is a loving brother from the way he talks and treats Sophia (when his mood is good!). So I know he will be a great brother once he’s really over the sibling rivalry phase.

I’m glad that I have a little girl for Eros so he has someone to protect and look after when they’re both older.

Mohen and I can’t wait to watch these two grow up together.



A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

2 thoughts on “Torn

    1. Thanks so much on the book suggestion. Will definitely look it up. I believe sibling rivalry doesn’t end when baby #1 seems “over” the jealousy but I guess it pays to be ready for whatever it is that’s coming in bringing up children.

      Thanks for your comment too!


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