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How I Lost 40kg In 7 Months

Okay so maybe not exactly 7 months.

I don’t really know how long it was for me to lose 40kg but I know it didn’t take me that long to do it. 7 months is the rough estimation because there were times that I lagged in my regime that instead of losing weight sooner, I extended the period.

Now that’s out of the way, I want to share what I did to lose 40kg.

Now most of the weight is gained during my first pregnancy so after I’ve delivered you can count on me automatically losing about 3 to 4kg from the baby and the placenta and all. Still, that is a small amount compared to the other remaining 35kg I had to lose.

Every time someone asked me what I did and how long I took to lose weight, my answer is always the same – I can share with you what I did but the time it takes to lose it will differ according to your body.

So some of my friends managed to lose weight during their desired time and some took slightly longer. But I’m happy to say that what I shared paid off and they know that I’m not just all talk.

Me at 90kg (225lbs)

This was me after I’ve delivered my first baby. I was 90kg at this point.

This was the heaviest I have been in my life. The reason I wanted to lose weight at this point was because it was getting hard for me to move about. No thanks to my cesarean scar, it was also hard to keep up with my baby’s needs then. I wanted to move faster so I can get things done faster and not keep my son waiting for too long. Also it was frustrating to go clothes shopping because I had to always find a bigger size. As a woman, I’m sure other women would understand, when I say that sometimes I want to get slim fitting clothes to make me feel sexy but it hurts to see myself in the fitting room mirror not being able to squeeze into the top that I like.

This was me after about 2 years.

I managed to maintain my weight once I achieved my desired weight. As I mentioned, it took about 7 months to get this figure and once I see that I was able to lose all the weight (after trying since high school!) I was even more encouraged to keep this figure.

To lose that much of weight in such little time, you would’ve imagine that I went to gym day and night and follow a super strict meal plans.

No one actually believed me when I say that I only did one type of exercise and stick to one diet plan throughout the time I was trying to lose weight.

Thanks to my uncle who managed to lose so much weight and therefore became my living proof, he introduced to me this book – Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type.

This is my bible now.

There isn’t any low-carb high-fiber or all vegie, no meat or other dieting plans that I’ve heard of before. The concept is the simplest to its core – you have to eat the food that is suitable to your blood type for it to burn correctly and boost your metabolism. Food that is not suitable to your blood type will store as fat even though it seems healthy.

For example, bread is good right? I mean with calcium and carbohydrates and all that. But for me, a Type O blood group, my metabolism do not digest the enzymes in bread for it to burn as energy. Instead it stores as fat and becomes saturated into my body, building those unsightly bulges.

Slowly trying to shed all those pounds. Started to see the result of my dieting plan.

I admit, it was hard for me to the first few weeks because being of type O blood group, there is so much that I can’t eat that I love – dairy products like ice cream and cheese, bread and pasta. I have to stick to a lot of vegetables and red meat. But after several weeks, when the list of food that I can or can’t eat has pretty much stored in my brain, I find it easy for me to control what I eat.

The wonderful thing about this diet plan is that you can eat what is good for your as much as you want (as long as you don’t overdo it, of course!) and you can still eat the food that is not suitable for you but in a very small portion and every once in a while.

What I did was I will follow my blood group diet plan strictly until I start to see some weight loss. For me it took about 6 weeks for my metabolism to reset itself and recognized the food that it can tolerate and not suitable with. After these 6 weeks, I see my weight literally dropped off the scale. My metabolism now has become so efficient that so much so if I were to accidentally gain 1 or 2 kg because I wasn’t watching what I eat, I can simply follow the diet plan again and see that 2kg gone in a matter of days.

I know it sounds to good to be true but there it is.

Truly Dr Peter D’ Adamo‘s diet plan is the simplest yet most effective dieting plan I have ever come across with. I swear by it now that I introduce this book to anyone who talks to me about losing weight.

The book opens with the introduction on your blood type. The enzymes and other information that I will not even attempt to repeat for it is quite scientific and I’m the least bit scientific. But it is written in layman terms so you can understand it easily enough without having to bring out your medical encyclopedia. It explains how your blood system works and how food chemical reacts to your blood and the way food is broken down into energy etc etc etc.

Then it gives specific information about the type of food each blood type can / can’t eat. There foods are grouped according to its composition ie meat & poultry, vegetables & fruits and so on. The tables in which the portions are explained are easy to understand and you can memorize them in no time. Some of the list of food you can / can’t eat is rather extensive but I do not find it to be any trouble because I simply look out for food that I usually eat and see if I can consume them.

The food list lists down all types of food and categorized them into 3 – suitable, neutral and avoid. Suitable, is of course the ones that are best processed by your body and therefore promotes weight loss, neutral doesn’t have any effect on you so you can choose to either take them or not and avoid is the food that will make you gain weight for it will not be broken down by your blood system.

Another great thing provided by the book is that it also lists down the exercises that is suitable according to your blood type. Apparently, not all exercise will help you burn fat effectively albeit still being a good work out for your body. As for me, there are about 20 suitable exercises that will promote the most efficient weight loss and most of them are simple and not rigorous.

I can do yoga, aerobics, cycling, hand combat, swimming or brisk walking. Remember I told you I only did one type of exercise? I choose swimming and I swim as often and for as long as I can. I noticed that I lost about 3 inches from my waist in 2 weeks while I was also on my Type O diet plan. For other blood types, there are some really physical exercises suggested like rock climbing and martial art but the great thing is, there are also other types of exercise that is suitable for you so you can pick and choose what you want to do or mix and match the types of exercises according to your schedule or preferences.

And that’s it.

I keep this up for about 7 months and I managed to be at 56kg.

And since I know how effective this diet plan is and also because my metabolism rate has increased and very efficient, I have my Cheat Day. Usually my Cheat Day is on weekend because that’s when I usually go out with Mohen so on that day I can eat whatever I want despite my diet plan. Because Monday onward, I will be back on the diet plan again. So once you have managed to get the weight that you want, you can afford to be slightly less strict with yourself because for me, I love my food so I still want to pig out sometimes!

I shall get back in shape soon enough!

Now I’m 75kg after my second pregnancy but I have no worry on how to lose all that weight because I know I have a diet plan that works.

So go get yourself the book and start to get the figure you’ve always wanted!



A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

9 thoughts on “How I Lost 40kg In 7 Months

    1. Hi, there!

      I’m not too sure about it.

      Do you do online shopping? Perhaps you can search it on Amazon and have it shipped to your place. Also maybe you can try to ask any major bookshop in Nigeria in case they can order for you.


  1. Hello, congratulations!! You are amazing!
    I have been on diet all my life and I have lost more than 100kg in total. (I have lost 25kg and this 4 times in all my life till now 🙂 But I have always gained them all back, Now I am a mom to a sweet and beautiful 8mounth daughter. I have lost 15 kg, but I have to loose 20kg more so I am trying with this diet. It is great! I feel good. I have just a problem. I don’t have any ideas what to eat for breakfast? What do you usually eat? Have you done the test to see if you are secretor or non? Have you any recepie to suggest? I am the same blood group as you so any idea would be very useful for me!! Thank you very much! :))



    1. Hey, Sandra!

      Glad to hear that it’s working for you! A lot of my friends thought this was just bull and that I must’ve been on some kind of dietary pills. But once they tried it, they can’t believe it as well at the kgs they are shedding!

      For me, I have no problem eating the same food everyday having a variety of meals is not really a concern. For breakfast I usually have rice crispies cereal with soy milk and brown sugar. Other than that whenever I can I get rye bread and make a sandwich. But 90% of the time I have that rice crispies cereal which taste like paper but after a whole I get used to it! Hahahaha.

      No, I didn’t go and have the test for secretor or non. Hm, in terms of recipes, I’m not sure about your cooking style because I live in Malaysia so the ingredients I get for my meals can sometimes be exclusively Asian. But I’m sure more and more Asian products are sold in different parts of the world.

      For some recipes, you may want to check my “Domestic Goddess” page in this blog. I will post more recipes according to our blood type from time to time so that when you have time, you can try them out. I will indicate it’s the Blood Type Diet Recipe just for you!


  2. Hey! So good to know about your successful transformation. Actually, I’m 17 and overweight. I started following blood type diet 3 weeks ago and have been in the gym as well . This is the 4th week and I am down by 5 kg in 3 weeks . The best part is I can run for 2 km continuously whence in the first few days of my routine, I could only do brisk walking for only about 10 minutes. I wanted to know if your weight loss was all uniform and did you encounter weight loss plateau in your feat? And could you tell me if I continued on my diet and did cardio and weights how long will it take me to reduce 30 kg ? I am 88 kg now, 5ft 8inch tall .


    1. Hi, there.
      Sorry for the late reply.

      I’m glad to hear that you’ve managed to lose some weight by using the diet program that I used. I remembered my weight loss was uniform and I was able to continuously lost weight at a steady rate every 3 weeks with the blood type diet. The only exercise I did then was swimming as I hate going to the gym and I noticed that it helped tremendously.

      I don’t dare to tell you how long it will take for you to lose 30kg because weight loss can be influenced and effected by various factors, but if judging based on how much you’ve lost in the 3 weeks that you tried the blood type diet, I would probably say you can take about 3 months or so to lose 30kg.

      Good luck and all the best!


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