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Well, Hello There!

Finally, I get the time to write!

New year has started off busy for me! Either that or I’m getting more occupied with the children.

We’re going to move into a new place in about a month’s time or so. I’m getting used to doing things on my own with two kids around. Although I’m still at my mom’s house until the new house is done and still get a lot of help from her with Eros, I’m doing more things myself to slowly ease things into doing it all on my own. Once we move into our own place, it’s just going to be me and the kids and God help me, I wonder if I’m able to do it!

So 2012 looks good so far.

I’ve received great news from my publisher, we got a nice quaint house that’ s really near to Mohen’s office, Eros is being just how he is (he’s going to be three in February! My, how time flies!) and Sophia seems to be growing up just great. She spends more time awake now and has longer sleeping period when she finally dozes off to sleep.

The only thing is, I don’t know why I’m getting mental block when I sit down to write my book. I’ve been working on the materials for quite some time now and I need to get started in completing it since everything is ready with my publisher. But I just can’t write!

It’s not a good thing, I know. Or I don’t know. Ha, ha.

But I guess it’s just my body’s way of telling me that she’s having a stage fright, now that we’re finally on our way to get our book published after years and years of writing and countless rejection. Although I didn’t get any dateline from my publisher, I would like to get started at least on a few chapters just to get the ball rolling.

Oh, well, maybe I’ll write better once we’re in our own place.

Things are looking good for Mohen’s work too. If everything goes well, he’s looking at a promotion in a few month’s time. With that, things will be a lot easier for our family since we’ve been living on a tight financial run and had not been able to bring out the kids that often. I hope we’re finally able to go on a vacation because ever since we’re together and now with kids, we’ve not been able to go on a vacation just yet.

So a few good things to kick off the new year is not bad. I’m pretty optimistic about this year, despite all the buzzard about it ending. I admit I do feel just a tad edgy because hey, you’ll never know if those Mayans were right! But I’m taking things as they come, as I’ve always done before.

Even if the world ends this year, at least I’ll make sure I go out with my family around me and we’ll go out with a bang!



A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

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