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Graham Crackers Chocolate Cake – No bake, No flour cake!

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes


My sisters have been asking me to make this cake every time they talk to me.

It’s made from Graham crackers and lots and lots of chocolate and the best thing about this cake is, you don’t have to bake it that it’s almost fool-proof (you gotta get the measurement right or otherwise you’ll be having chocolate pudding instead!).

Here’s how and since I don’t have any of those fancy schmancy camera or gadgets, my photos don’t look like they just came out from a food magazine.

But hey, try this and you’ll love it! It’s especially great for a movie marathon dessert.

You’ll need:

250g / 1 cup butter
2 cups Graham crackers, break into chunks, not too crumbled
4 eggs
6 tbsp (or more if you really love chocolate!) cocoa powder
A can of condensed milk
Vanilla essence

1. Whisk the whole can of condensed milk with the eggs in a large bowl
2. Add in vanilla and stir well
3. Fold in the cocoa powder and whisk until a thick mixture is achieved. Try to break any lumps of cocoa powder as much as possible without overbeating the eggs
4. Melt butter over medium heat
5. Pour in the chocolate mixture and cook with a whisk to ensure no lumps are formed. Keep whisking until mixture thickens
6. Turn off heat and put in the crackers
7. Mix well until chocolate crackers are fully covered in chocolate
8. Pressed into baking tray and refrigerate overnight (size of baking tray depends on how thick you want the cake to be)

Best served chilled!


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