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My First Online Book!

So I just tried out wattpad like a week back.

At first it was pretty confusing because I thought it was something like goodreads but it’s not. I spent some time reading about the copyright and book cover designing and all until I decided I should give posting a go.

So I did! And I managed to post a prologue.

I had this story written about 4 years back, I can’t really remember. All I remember was that I did write about 6 chapters and I stopped. I still remember the plot and the story line though so I guess this time around I can write it out because wattpad allows you to write and post one chapter at a time, which I find really helpful and user-friendly.

I know this would probably take a long time for me to finish it, with my kids, housework and many other chores but I will try to write as often as I can so I will have a story going on for any of my reader that decided to follow the story.

The Wooden Box by Jaja Shah-Mohen.

Man, I’m excited!



A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

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