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Finger Fun!

Preparation time: 2minutes

Eros was being restless the whole day yesterday.

He kept finding for things to do.

I was busy in the kitchen because we had some guests over for the weekend so I had to rush between cleaning the house and preparing dinner.

While I was busy getting the housework done, I kept thinking of things for Eros to do because I hate to see him restless and of course when he does, he’ll start bullying Sophia, throwing toys, jumping on the couch, yelling for no reason and kept running from the living room to the kitchen.

Then I remembered I saw something about finger paint that can be washed off.

I’ve always wanted to make finger paint for Eros but hate the thought of having to clean the mess and all. And plus, I haven’t got him a proper art mat and large newsprint papers for him to do art on so I don’t really want to do anything artsy yet before I get all the stuff to art-mess-proof the area.

So I quickly get all the washing done and whip this quick washable finger paint for Eros to play with during his bath time.

Here’s what you need:
1 tbsp cornstarch
1 -2 tsp water
4-5 pumps of baby shampoo
Few drops of food coloring

– Just mix everything together and put it in ice tray as the palette

And it was super fun!

Even I had fun with the finger paint with Eros (and Sophia too!) in the bathroom.

The great thing is – it’s totally washable!

At first I was kind of worried that the paint might stay on the grout between the tiles. But no! It didn’t at all! All I had to do is just wash it off with water and it’s gone. I didn’t even have to rub it off.

Eros trying out his hand at finger painting.

It’ll wash off with water just like that.

Eros had a blast because he get to do one of the things I strictly forbid at home – drawing on the wall!

At first he was reluctant to draw on it because he thought I might go berserk like the other day when he drew on the wall of my living room with a Sharpie but when I started painting the wall to show him that it’s okay, there was no stopping him!

Eros playing Dali during bath time!

Now he wants to do this everyday!



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