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Make Your Very Own Teething Biscuits

Preparation: 2minutes
Cooking time: 1minute


I went to the store today to get formula for Eros and Sophia.

I saw Farley Rusks’ teething biscuits that Mohen always get for Eros and thought of getting it for Sophia since she loves to chew almost everything now from pillow to rubber toys to my mobile phone to her blankie.

Then I remembered seeing a post on my Pinterest about making your own teething biscuits for your teething babies and figured I give it a go instead of buying it off the shelf.

It takes less than 5 minutes and Sophia loves it! I love how it was something I made for her and not a manufactured baby food.

Ever since I’ve become an SAHM, I do pay more attention to the food I give to Sophia. When I was working, I didn’t really have time to prepare homemade food for Eros so we ended up buying a lot of manufactured baby food for him.

All you need is a slice of bread and your baby’s favorite spread.

Here’s how you make your very own homemade teething biscuits for your baby.

Cut the crusts off a slice of bread.

Flatten the bread with a rolling pin. Or if you’re like me and couldn’t really be bothered with all the fancy kitchen utensils, you can flatten them with your fingers! Just make sure your fingers are, of course, clean.

Then I spread the flattened bread with Heinz Vanilla Custard dessert. She loves to eat this on its own so I thought she would love it on the teething biscuits too.

You can put any spread you want – applesauce, blueberry jam, honey or even squished banana. Just remember to spread it very lightly because it’s just to give the teething biscuit flavor.

Roll the bread as tightly as you can and pinch the end to seal it.

All you got to do now is pop the bread into the microwave. Set it to high and microwave for about 50seconds. It should come out hard but if it’s still soft, just heat it up for another 10seconds.

It would be piping hot when it comes out from the microwave so let it cool off on a rack for about 5minutes.

Once cooled, the bread should be rock hard and ready to be nibbled by your teething little monster!

Here’s Sophia enjoying the teething biscuit.

Here’s Eros with Sophia while she munches away.



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