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Let’s Drink Tea With Our Pinky Out

Seriously, I have no idea what else to think.

There are many (nonsensical) news in Malaysia that can make top headlines just as long it has a little to do with real journalism and news of real content.

The latest one that is making all the buzz among Malaysians is of a young couple of 24 and 23 studying in Singapore. I should also mention that they posted photos and video of them having sex or engaged in sexual acts.

In this age of technology where 90% of Internet users use the Internet to search for pornography or at least any material with pornographic content, is that really such a surprise?

Since I am not with legal background, I will not comment on the legality of their decision. Although this blog post might help for you to understand the legal rights when it comes to posting explicit content material online – Unlawful Sumptuous Erotica.

What appalled me is the reaction from Malaysians regarding this issue and the bashing and abuse this couple received over their decision to post such photos and video.

They are accused of unsound mind and needs serious psychiatric help because their sex behavior is not normal. They are embarrassing themselves for exposing what is sacred between two people. They are degrading and insensitive to Asian values.

Really? I mean, really? That is your argument?

I mean, have you actually seen what is happening around Malaysia before you say that?

For God’s sake, we have school kids caught having sex in our public parks while still in their school uniform. In the middle of the afternoon. And you are telling me about Asian values and moral decorum?

For this couple, they are at least adults and not underage and the sex is consensual. What is so wrong about what they are doing?

That they are having premarital sex?

So does so many other Malaysian couples, whether it is against their religious beliefs or not. The only difference is, other Malaysian couples either do not post their sexual acts on-line or that they keep their activities on the low.

While many slander this couple for cheap publicity or immoral conduct, I don’t see anything wrong with what they did. While they are accused of being of unsound mind because of their sexual exhibitions, I’m sure any psychologist will tell you that exhibitionism is a known sexual behavior.

What I see as wrong is how Malaysians are trying to deny that premarital sex is common among Malaysian youths. We are bashing this couple with all kinds of verbal abuse because they choose to be open about their sex life. We are calling them names and labelled them sick.

We pretend as though everyone else in Malaysia is chaste and saint-like. Or at least we pretend as though Malaysia is still untouched by Western influences when it comes to sex or any social behavior or even to freedom of expression.

We just don’t do these things because we are Asians.

Seriously, that excuse is really getting old and annoying.

I don’t know when Malaysians are going to realize that many Malaysians don’t truly care about Asian values anymore.

Our people are getting more bold and more expressive. Yes, some too much for their own good some might say but the good thing is they are starting to realize that they can say something about what they feel or think without feeling scared of anyone or afraid of what others think.

I also don’t know when Malaysians are going to realize that they can’t forever pretend that Malaysia is lala land where everything is pristine and sacred.

There are many things happening around Malaysia that many like to sweep under the rug. There are many issues in Malaysia that deserve more attention than petty issues like unmarried couple having sex. I agree that some might argue that premarital sex is a serious issue because it can lead to unwanted pregnancies and health issues but many Malaysians who are practicing premarital sex are pretty much well-educated in sex.

Except of course those school kids bonking away in the park. That is the more serious issue that Malaysians need to pay attention to.

Not to an adult couple having consensual sex.


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