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My Online Published Article

Okay, I know this is probably nothing but I got my first online published article last night!

I follow this blog on writing – Writing Hood; and one of the posts by the blogger was about blogging sites that pay and (most importantly) are not scams. He has a lot of sites recommended but there are only a few that I can sign up for being a non-US citizen.

One of the sites that I registered for is Helium. I like the site because it allows you to write on what you want to and gives you the platform to write about what you know.

Most of the articles are factual and categorized accordingly. You can choose to write in whichever category you know best. If your article is accepted by the publisher you will get paid but if it doesn’t, your article is still published online, therefore making it available for search results in the category you are writing.

For me, what I love about it is that, the more I write the more my articles get posted online, it increases the traffic to my profile as a Helium author and sooner or later I’ll get recognized in my own way. Whether I get paid or not is another point in terms of how ambitious I am in getting paid for writing but as for me and as for now, I love just seeing my name on a link on an online site.

Here’s what I wrote and do tell me what you think!

Helium – What Husbands Need To Know About Pregnancy



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