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Fun Kitchen Stuffs!

I don’t know about you but I am a sucker when it comes to those quirky-out-of-the-norm kitchen appliances. The brighter the colors, the more mismatched they are, the more I will love them!

I’m right now all for these amazing super colorful silicone kitchen appliances.

I used to think that silicone will melt right off the moment it’s near anything hot enough to burn your fingers with but not with these! I just love how smooth and perfectly safe they are. Plus with the vibrant colors, they light up my kitchen like a Christmas tree in a dark room.

How amazing are these dinosaur cake mould? I mean, I totally love dinosaurs and so does Eros so between the two of us, we have so much fun baking cake for snacks with these cake mould! Because it’s made of silicone, it’s rust free and the cakes slide right off. What I love about the mould is that, even though it has details of dinosaurs on them, it doesn’t make the baked cake looking shapeless like some moulds do. And you can use them for frozen lollies and fruit jelly too! Put some Kool-Aid in you have yourself a partay!

In Malaysia, they are selling for RM15 (original price RM22) and there is a 7-day free nationwide delivery. I’m sure there’s something similar in the US too but I have a friend who sometimes shop at a Malaysian online store and have them shipped just because she loves things sold here. Either way, these fun baking trays are to die for if you’re a color-crazy like me and love to bake for fun!

Another thing that I can’t wait to get is these silicone (again!) kitchen gloves. I mean, silicone kitchen gloves? You gotta be kidding right? Not so!

I saw one of these at my friend’s house and they work wonderfully. I was a little scared to have them on while lifting a pot of spaghetti sauce from the stove when I was over at her place but they feel great, they grip the pot securely and yes, since it can withstand heat up to 220C (that’s 428F!), it was perfectly safe to be used, even by little hands like your toddler when they are helping you to hold the cake tray (see above!).

These cute kitchen gloves are selling for RM12 (original price RM20). It also currently offers a 7-day free nationwide delivery.

Wouldn’t these be great for your kitchen? They also look great enough to be given away as Christmas gifts. I know it’s still a couple of weeks till Christmas but I can’t wait for it already!

Simply click on the underlined links above for more information on the items and their deals.



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