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Can We Fix It?

My mother gave me an old radio to put in the room so that I can play the Qur’an recital cassette (yes, you read it right. I told you it’s an old radio). It’s one of those old radios where both speakers on the side can be detached and you can have them placed at an individual angles/places.

So my sister was helping me place the radio on the top-most shelf, away from Eros and Sophia’s grasp.

The wires were all tangled up so I took off the speakers and removed the wires from behind the radio to untangle them and my sister was shocked.

She didn’t know that the wires can come off and be fixed into their power outlet again. She thought they were just plug and play and if the wires came off it means it’s broken.

Only then I realized how the new generations are not as Mr Fix-It as my generation is.

When I was small, my grandfather was quite the handyman and there was nothing around the house he couldn’t fix. It’s all about knowing how things work and figuring out where goes where and remembering the basic rule – Leftie loosie Rightie tighty.

That was why we didn’t have to buy so many things back then.
We could fix almost everything ourselves. When something is broken, we didn’t panic. We whip out our favorite tools – screwdrivers, wire cutters and most of the time, good ol’ duct tape. Nothing can’t be fixed with those “power tools” and a few good knock on the item.
I’ll make sure my kids know how to fix certain things so that they will appreciate having stuff and not just chuck out something the moment they stopped working.

English: A roll of silver, Scotch brand duct tape.



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