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Launching Tell Me Mommy!

I guess all things great started out simple.

When I first created a group on Facebook called Tell Me Mommy, I wanted to have a place where all my friends who are mothers can share ideas, parenting tips and motherhood advice.

Most of the famous groups or pages on Facebook are rather international or the number of members are too large for close-knit friends to communicate frequently. When I started out, there was only about 50 or so members and these are all my personal friends whom are mothers or expecting mothers.

I shared this group with my cousin who is a mother of one.

We are best friends and ever since we could remember, we have always done everything and anything together. Or at least now share everything together since both of us have families of our own now. So it was only natural and little wonder that I invited her to be the admin of the group.

Then she invited her friends to join the group and her friends invited their friends and that friend invited other friends. I guess that is how social networking works and that is why so many people love it so much.

The next thing we know, Tell Me Mommy now has close to 300 members.

I mean, that may not be much, compared to those famous groups and pages but for us, it was amazing!

We didn’t want it to end up as a white elephant so we committed to updating the posts, sharing beautiful photos and inspiring articles. Once in a while we have trivia and fun questions so that we can get the members to talk to each other. We have albums of pre-loved items where the members want to give away or sell off any used baby items and many mothers have gotten items they wanted for a cheaper price.

It was great, and both me and my cousin take pride in our group.

Then we started to have more ideas. One thing led to another – we wanted to expand Tell Me Mommy!

So we moved our group to a page instead where it can be reached by a wider audience and open to the public, rather than it being a closed group where an approval is required to be a member.

A page works just like a group, members can still post anything on the wall but it will be public and anyone who has liked the page will be able to see and comment on the post. Plus, a page gives the admins so much more control on its managing features that it makes more sense for us to have a page now that Tell Me Mommy has grown.

So I am proud to share Tell Me Mommy’s brand new page!

I sincerely hope you will come and visit (yes, there are a lot more to be updated since we just opened, like, today! Hahahaha) and like our page. There are a lot more in store from us and we have so many things lined up to be shared.

We hope to see you there!

Tell Me Mommy brand new page!
Tell Me Mommy brand new page!

And oh, we’re on twitter too!



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