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Working From Home

I wonder how many of you have tried to join the platform that offers you handsome rewards just by working from home (or wherever you take your laptop with you, for that matter). And I wonder how many of you have been conned by the platform that offers you handsome rewards.

The deceptive idea of wanting to earn money without having to do much work is the very sentiment that these scam platforms prey on.

To be honest, I was one of them before.

Having skills but no outlet to put it to use, being stuck at home day in day out without something different to do other than housework and being overeager in signing up to something that seems credible enough.

Suffice to say that soon after I paid for my registration fee, I heard nothing from the platform administrators and received no reply to my countless emails asking for more information on how to start working on the projects they promised me. After a week, I got the idea that I was conned.

This was almost two years ago.

After what happened to me, I didn’t even bother reading or finding out about other “seemingly credible” work-from-home platforms. For me, they all have the same scripted advertisement and promise the same thing. “Pay $50 for registration fee but you will get $5000 per week. Join now or be sorry that you miss out on this opportunity,” are just one of the many things they say.

Then I chance upon Cristian Mihai’s blog.

He is an awesome writer and I look up to him as a blogger because I’ve always had this romantic idea where my blogs are followed by thousands of people, I have bustling activities going on in my blog and I can write something everyday. He wrote a post about how to be a good blogger and make the best of your blog in Rules, rules, rules. From his blog too I learnt that there are several trusted platforms that pay you to write articles for them.

Trusting him to know what he’s talking about, here are the few that I’ve signed up to and yes, this time around, I wasn’t conned.

  • Helium – This platform is open to everyone around the world (some of the platforms only allow US citizens to sign up). There is no registration fee. To write an article for them, you simply need to choose a category you like best or know most about and select a job. Some articles are $1 and some cost more. If Helium purchased your article, then they will credit the money to your Helium account. If they didn’t purchase it, they will still feature your article under that category. You can cash out your earnings after you reach $25 or more
  • Elance – I have just started with Elance for about a week but I have received several jobs and received the payment. Elance uses bidding system, where you need to bid for a job with other freelancers. If a client chooses your proposal, then you are awarded the job and will receive the payment after you deliver. For this, you will need English writing skills as most of the jobs require you to write reviews or academic papers for them.  After you have received your payment, you can transfer your earnings into your PayPal account for withdrawal. This is also open to everyone.
  • JobDiRumah – This is for Malaysian citizens only. The concept is the same as Elance’s.

These are just a few that I share because there are more on Cristian Mihai’s post. I’m trying to search for the post but at the moment I can’t seem to find it because he does have a lot of posts written and I can’t really remember the exact keyword for me to look up that post. However, once I’ve got it (and I remember that he wrote about platforms that are only open for US citizens), I will post it here so you can read more on other work-from-home platforms that are trusted.

If you are still dubious about this, here’s a photo of what I received from Elance 2 days after I joined.

You should at least check them out. Who knows you can really after all earn while working from home (or wherever you take your laptop with you, for that matter!)



A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

4 thoughts on “Working From Home

  1. Hi Jaja, great post! I’ve just launched a first version of a new online workplace/social network focused on real meritocracy and transparency. If you could spare a couple of minutes to check it out and tell me what you think, I would be really grateful:
    Anyway thanks for the posy, I hope you’ll have a great day!


    1. Hey there, Vassili (what a cool name!)

      That sounds like a great idea, what you have started! I will check it out for you and will definitely let you know what I think.

      And thanks for reading my post!


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