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How You Like Me Now – No Make Up, No Filter Challenge

Okay, I’m not going to be too naive to say that I think the media has it wrong when they always show good looking people on their magazines, TV shows, advertisements, posters, banners, shopping carrier bags – basically almost anything that they use to promote their businesses.

Hey, like they always say, It’s nothing personal; it’s business.

Truth is, we all know that beauty sells, that sex sells. And that’s what every marketing people do – they showcase good looking people to sell their products better.

We are very visually-oriented. We see something nice, we like it. We see something pretty, we get attracted to it.

People who advocates that beauty is skin deep or that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder are sometimes deemed as “ugly” people. The “good looking” ones always accuse these “ugly” looking people because the “good looking” people know that the “ugly” people feel insecure because of the “good looking” people. People who do not use or do not emphasize on physical appearance as their personalities claimed those who pay so much attention to their looks are superficial and shallow.

As long as people get judged based on their outward appearances, the war will never end.

For the sake of this post, I will use the word “beautiful people” to personify the figures we see in the media and “normal people” to personify the rest of us.

When we see beautiful people on TV or in magazines, they allow us to forget about how we look. They bring us to that world where everything is perfect, a world that almost everyone of us wish to wake up.

Perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect teeth, long legs, flat stomach, immaculately manicured nails, chiseled jaw, you name it.

Now, we know we don’t look like this.

We know that we actually can; if we work out all the time, if we have that much extra cash to spend on so many cosmetics and haircare products, if we don’t have kids turning the house inside out every 30 seconds – we might just be able to look exactly like how these beautiful people look.

We also know that these beautiful people may not look like this all the time.

After the photo shoot, these models go back home, these actors go back home, wash off their make up, take a long shower, step out, and hey, whaddayaknow! Looking pretty much like the rest of us. Given the chance, they can pass by us on the streets without us giving them a second glance.

But of course we prefer not to think about this. We prefer to think that these beautiful people look like this all the time.

When it comes to us, we always try to look our best for other people.

Be it for a function, or posting a photo on Facebook, or choosing that new profile photo for our social networking sites – we always make sure we look good in them. We choose one that probably makes our crooked nose appear sharper by turning our face sideways, or we choose one that makes our faces look a little slimmer by taking the photo from creative angles.

Let us be frank to each other. I think most of us took at least 6 – 10 shots (to say the least for some of us!) of ourselves before we post one that makes us look best.

I mean, this is important stuff. There are people out there who’s going to see this. I can’t look bad, can I?

Can I?

We love it when we see photos of celebrities caught without their make up on their day out. We ogle every detail on their faces to find the same blemishes that we have, we scrutinize every angle to find the same imperfection that we have on our body and when we found one, we sit back and go, Hah, see! She got acne scars too.

If we love to see celebrities without their make up on and feel so much better to see them bared this way, why can’t we love ourselves the same way?

Why can’t we be more confident in the way we look everyday rather than focusing on perfecting what we find to be our imperfections?

Because we are human.

It’s human nature to be attracted to things that are pretty. It’s human nature to look good in front of others so to create a good impression. It’s human nature to parade in an ostentatious manner to attract attention.

And I am no different.

I always, always make sure I have great photos posted on my Facebook or twitter or etc. I want to make sure that when my friends go through my album they’ll think, Hey, she looks good. I select my profile photos carefully so they’ll always make me look slimmer, more radiant, more “celeb-like”, for lack of a better word.

But now, I dare to make a difference.

I dare to bare.

In my heart I know people shouldn’t be judged by how they look.

I have countless experiences where “beautiful people” aren’t always the prettiest. And the plainest girl around has the most gorgeous smile that lights up the whole room.

No Make Up, No Filter Challenge is my challenge to all women to embrace their natural looks, their everyday-at-home look, the look that they always try to hide.

By using a photo that depicts the way you look when no one is around as your profile photo, you help to spread the awareness that it’s okay for people to look at you the way you look everyday. By using a photo that is not edited as your profile photo, you challenge yourself to be confident with your flaws.

Natural beauty is a gift. Embrace it, don’t fake it. Because to be confident in feeling ugly is the best way to be beautiful.

Challenge accepted.

What about you?

One of my good friends who's brave enough to take me up on the challenge. I think she looks gorgeous sans make up, don't you think?
One of my good friends who’s brave enough to take me up on the challenge.
I think she looks gorgeous sans make up, don’t you think?


A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

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