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Home Remedies & Tips for SAHM I Can’t Live Without

When you’re an SAHM (that’s Stay-At-Home-Moms for the rest of you), finding for the best and quickest way to get your job done becomes a priority.

Not only sometimes 24-hours is not enough for you to do everything that you wanted to do, you have to think on your feet when an emergency happens so that your time won’t be wasted on figuring out what to do in these situations.

Now, by emergency I mean domestic household emergencies like you-just realized-you-ran-out-of-buttermilk-for-your-muffins or your-child’s-cot-mobile-is-broken kind of emergencies. Not kids-falling-down-the-stairs-and-cut-their-chins emergency because you don’t need to save time for that kind of emergencies!

As an SAHM to 3 kids – 2 toddlers and 1 baby, I have learned a lot of quick ways to save time with reliable home remedies and figured out ways to make do with what I have when it comes to entertaining my kids.

There are many blogs by mothers that offer literally tons of quick home tips and home remedies that can save your life (and sanity!) but here are some of my ultimate favorites passed down from my mother from her mother.

Cleaning Bottles
Certain bottles have small necks that make it hard for cleaning brushes to enter.

Use a little salt and a few grains of rice with some water to clean bottles and jars. This works great for your kids’ milk bottles too. Not only the rice will rub milk solids off the inside of the bottle, the salt will also eliminate any stale odor. Plus, the rice can reach those hard to reach corners a scrubbing brush usually miss. You’ll have crystal clear bottles too.

All you have to do is shake the bottle vigorously for the rice and salt to do their job. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Boils and Fever
Neither is fun to have but this tip can help you get rid of both quickly.

Garlic has amazing antioxidant properties that help to maintain healthy blood circulation and improve body’s immune cells. Eating garlic when you have fever will help to lower your temperature as it acts as natural antibiotic in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). You can either cook a large amount of it in your dishes or eating it raw, if you can tolerate its pungent taste.

Crushed garlic when applied on boils can also help to reduce the swelling. It may cause a burning sting for the first 10 seconds but it will go away after that. Apply twice a day for best result.

Shiny, Soft Hair
When you are a mother with 3 kids, you’d know how almost impossible it is to go the hairdresser to get your hair done professionally.

Rubbing plain yogurt in your hair and leaving it for 30 minutes does wonder! Do this once a week and you’ll have silky, smooth hair with glossy finish that makes you look like you just stepped out of the salon.

Word of advice: Yogurt will melt and drip. So I usually do this when I’m in the shower. Apply yogurt on dry hair and wrap with cling wrap or damp towel while you go ahead and bathe. After 30 minutes, wash the yogurt off and shampoo as usual.

Left-over Soaps
Don’t throw away soap bars that are too small to use for anything. Here’s why!

Grate soap bars that are too small to use for bathing. Wet your hands and mold the soap into a bar (or any shape you can manage, really). You can reuse this soap or place it in a soap-tray by your kitchen sink. I usually keep the soap bars that are too small to use until I have enough of small bars to grate them into a new normal size soap.

You can also place the grated soap in a net sachets and hang it as air freshener in your closet. Give the sachet a regular shake to aerate the soap since it will dry out in the long run.

Dark Armpits
Who wouldn’t want beautiful underarms like a celebrity’s?

I love tank tops and sleeveless dresses. The thing is, at times I get conscious of my armpits because I have an uneven skin tone on my armpits. I have enough confidence to wear tank tops and sleeveless dress but I would love to have flawless and even skin that I wouldn’t mind walking around with my arms above my head.

Who has the money to go for cosmetic beautification of the armpits when you’re a mother of 3. So using olive oil and brown sugar is your next best thing to cure uneven skin tone and lighten dark patches on your armpits.

Apply generous amount of olive oil on armpits and leave for 15 – 20 minutes. Then exfoliate skin with brown sugar to remove dead skin cells, the culprit for dark patches and uneven skin tone. Do this twice a week but no more than 4 times a week to avoid skin abrasion.

Word of Advice: Shaving can cause uneven skin tone too as it cuts the skin and causes stubble. Opt for an epilator instead. Phillips epilator works great and gives you a smoother finish. Hair is finer too during regrowth so dark stubble is less obvious.

These are the five home remedies that I use all the time as they are tried and tested and proven to work wonders.

What’s your favorite home remedy?



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