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What’s This Mommy? Human Anatomy Class

 I was cooking when Eros came to kitchen, calling me excitedly all the way from the living room.

Eros: Mommy! Look! Eros found balls.
Me: The purple one that you lost? Good! Where?
Eros: Here! Inside Eros kubirbird.
Me: Eh?
Eros: What’s this Mommy?
Me: Oh, those. Those are your testicles.
Eros: But why Eros have testicles?
Me: They make you strong.
Eros: Strong how?
Me: Later when you grow up and go to gym, it can make you strong and have big body like the Big Chef in the kitchen (Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible. Eros adores the guy).
Eros: Oh…. Can Eros press testicles?
Me: It’s better if you don’t. Just leave them like that. If you press them you can’t breathe.
Eros: But Eros breathe with Eros nose.
Me: Yes, but if you press the testicle it will cause you so much pain until you cannot breathe.
Eros: Oh okay. Hahahahah. So funny Eros have balls inside Eros body.

Human’s Anatomy 101, Class 01.
That went well.



A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

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