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You Don’t Say It’s Love. You Feel It’s Love

I always wonder about the US kids who are always quoted about what they think love is and how to have a happy marriage and what is life and all that. And they are all like under 5 years old. Most 5 years old I know can’t even describe where their house is.

So I decided to try it on Eros.

Me: Eros, do you love me?
Eros: Yes.
Me: Why?
Eros: Because you cook for me and do my milk.
Me: Do you love Daddy?
Eros: Yes. Because Daddy buy for me bicycle and play with me.
Me: Do you love Sophia?
Eros: Hm, sometimes.
Me: Why sometimes?
Eros: Because she likes to beat me.
Me: What do you think love is?
*scrunching his face for a few seconds. Eros: I don’t know.
Me: How do you know if you love someone?
*scrunching his face again. Eros: I don’t know how to say.
Me: You don’t know how to say what love is?
Eros: Yes, because I feel love inside my heart.

I almost cried.

Little grown up Eros
Little grown up Eros


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