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Make Your Own DIY Abstract Painting

I love anything DIY.

I constantly look for anything around the house to repurpose. This week’s art project is abstract paintings that I made with things that cost less than $10.

All I used were:
Art blocks
Old cardboard boxes
Old pot brush

*I forgot to take a step by step photo because I was too excited to get these done. Sorry. I will remember it next time!

Cut the sides of the cardboard boxes into the size that you want. Here I searched for a large enough box so the sides are the sizes I want. If you can’t find a big enough box, you can get a mounting board and that would work just fine.

Mark the corners of the cardboard on your art block to give you a rough idea of where to paint.

Place art block on easel or flat surface, taped securely on the surface.

Make sure paint is completely dry before placing it on the cardboard.

Making the Art

Give your painting unique texture using daily household items. Here I used an old pot brush.
Give your painting unique texture using daily household items.
Here I used an old pot brush.


 Pot Brush Art
1. Dip your pot brush into your palette and dab the art block in any design you like.
2. Wash your brush thoroughly before changing color.













Blowing paint with a straw is a great old school technique that I love!


Straw Art

1. This is a basic art technique taught when I was in kindergarden and I love it!
2. If you never tried it before, you will need a slightly runny paint for this because you want the colors to easily move in the direction  that you are blowing.
3. Place a drop or two of paint onto your art block and blow on it with a straw, creating designs or going along with the direction of the  paint.










Here’s a video on how to do it if you have never tried it before.

Bold strokes are great to create that abstract painting look.


Just Paint

1. This is one is pretty self-explanatory, I know.
2. I grabbed a large paintbrush (or an old blusher brush if you don’t have one!) and just started painting in bold strokes.
3. Mix and match your colors. If you’re not confident with how it will turn out, test on a rough piece of art block first.
4. Once you found your groove, you just let go and paint!


Displaying the Art

1. Since you’re using a cardboard box, you need to make your own mounting screw.
2. What I did was:
– Punched two side by side holes on the cardboard
– Weave through a twine
– Knot it!
3. You can also you any type of mounting screw you have. Just make sure you do this before you place the art on top of the board
4. With a spray-on glue or double-sided tape on one side, carefully place your art on the board. I left about two inches of border so I can wrap the edges around the cardboard. It is okay to paint more than the marks you made earlier as it will be folded behind the cardboard anyway
5. If you have the extra borders, carefully fold them to the back of the board as you would wrap a book. Tape securely with sticky tapes.




The great thing about DIY art is that even though you know there are many gorgeous art decors sold at art stores, there’s something about it that makes you proud when looking at it. Plus it would be a great conversation piece when your friends come over to dinner.

Happy painting!



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