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At The Beach

After what seems like an eternity, Mohen and I finally managed to bring our kids to the beach for a holiday.

Well, not really, because the plan was to go back to my hometown to see my grandmother whom I have not seen for almost 6 years. But since my grandma’s house is very near to the beach, we went there every day, sometimes twice in a day. So in the end, it did feel like a vacation.

Here are some shots I love to share with you!

Damien lazing by the beach, feeling the sea wind blowing in his face for the first time.


Damien having his first taste of sand. I was watching over Eros playing and happened to look up to see Mohen and my uncle panicked over this.


My handsome boy playing sand.


This beach is literally in front of my grandmother’s house that we only need to take a short walk to come here.


Eros walking along the shore to explore the rocks by the beach.


They said they are looking for treasure. Maybe my kids watch too much Pirates of The Caribbean.


With my aunt and Damien.


With Mohen.


If this is how an SAHM winds down every day, I don’t mind at all!


Love love this shot of Mohen and Damien.


Sophia sells sea shells by the seashore.


Sophia getting dirty in the sand.


Us watching the waves.





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