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Stop The Sale of Child-like Sex Dolls

I’m not that naive to be oblivious to the fact that there are life-like and life-size sex dolls being sold almost anywhere around the world.

With the anonymity and the safety of the Internet, many are buying these dolls without anyone ever knowing about it. I’m not judging the people who buy sex dolls because hey, people get off in their own ways right?

But what I come across today is just disgusting.

There are actually sex dolls that emulate children and these are accessible to anyone who wants to realize their sexual fantasy with a child. That for me, is just sick. I’ve read some comments on the blogs and articles written as retaliation to this and most of them are against it. But there were several comments that mentioned they would rather allow the people who buy these dolls get off with a doll than a real child.

This is wrong.

Doll or a real child, the sale of these child-like sex dolls is normalizing pedophilia and that is in not okay under any circumstances.

An action was taken by a Dutch undercover operation where they created a virtual girl called Sweetie to catch pedophiles. Before this, it was almost impossible to catch a pedophile as most cases happen behind closed doors and the children aren’t talking. But now, thousands of pedophiles were caught as they will talk and  “make love” to Sweetie without knowing that she is not a real girl and that there are people monitoring and running their IP addresses.

Whatever fantasies one has, I truly feel pedophilia is just wrong.

Please join the thousands of us to sign the petition and stop this horrific market.



A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

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