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Work From Home: Myth Debunked

So I said to myself that 2014 is going to be a good year.

I want to concentrate (okay, read: try really hard) on completing my book and focus on growing my work-from-home freelance job. I’ve been doing online freelance writing for almost a year now and my other writing services that I started almost 10 years ago also seem to be doing well. So I figured this year could be my business year where last year was supposed to be an artsy year but that didn’t really go well.

I wrote a post on working from home for Malaysians, JobdiRumah – Cara Selamat Untuk Bekerja Dari Rumah (JobdiRumah – Work from Home the Safe Way) and also a quick review here on what other platforms you can try if you want to give work from home a try. The former post did draw a lot of interested party and most of them are college graduates who have no luck in getting a job yet or SAHMs who’re looking to make a side income for their family. I was happy enough to answer any questions anyone might have on how to go about to work from home. After all, this kind of things are infamous as scams so I did my best to convince them that there are at least genuine work-from-home platforms out there.

After a while, I noticed a pattern where the people who have registered for work-from-home accounts came back to me to complain that they were not awarded any job or project to work on even after 2 weeks of registering.

I explained that these things take time as well as depending on your skills. As they are many people who are registered, the clients are usually super careful about who they select to award their projects to. I also explained the importance of applying for a job/project that are right up your alley so that writing the proposal would be easier since you have all the experience and skills required.

Then I realized that many of those who registered for work-from-home accounts feel that working from home is a quick way to earn a lot of money. I realized that they expect to do minimal work for a lot of money.

And this is one of the main reasons why many think working from home is “easy”.

“Need extra cash? Our concept is simple – Someone else does the work, you get the money”

As someone who takes her work from home job very seriously, I find this absolutely annoying and terribly misleading.

Working from home, while can be easy, is not simple.

The word itself should tell you, shouldn’t it? WORK from home. At the end of the day, it’s still work. Just like any other job in this world, you’re expected to put effort in it. There is no such thing as sitting in front of your computer and the money will come. Sure there are this type of work but still, you’re expected to do something. Even it means sharing links to websites. You still have to invest time in sharing the link to your social network. And to be honest, I don’t quite like sharing link to websites because this kind of work, for me, takes more effort as the return will be proportional to the frequency you share the link. You can’t be expected to earn $300 by just sharing the link once, now would you?

Most of the work from home ads talk about the same thing – get big return for doing as little work as possible. And they always advertise the large amounts. “Get $1000…”, “Earn $20 every hour…” and so on. This is not impossible, true. But this is the possible amount you can get, not a definite. You can earn up to $1000 if you manage to get at least 100 people to sign up on the link that you shared. And chances are, most of the people who clicked on the link won’t. Hence why you have to share it as often as you can and on as many networks you have so that you can have the possibility of earning $1000.

This misconception has lured many people to sign up for work from home and then be frustrated because they didn’t expect to do so much work.

And I notice that those who are young tend to get angry when they can’t get a job after they’ve signed up for the work from home accounts. They complained that the projects posted are too hard, too tedious, too many skills are required bla bla bla. They come on to the job thinking that this is enough to make ends meet and that they can not look for other jobs outside. Then they would brush off work from home as scams just because they didn’t get what they thought they would.

I can’t stress enough how dangerous this mindset is.

Working from home requires discipline. Working from home does require some experience and skill, contrary to what the work-from-home advertisements purport. Working from home IS work. I’m aware of the concept of work smart, not work hard. Working from home through online can be a smart way to work but it still require some level of hard work. But maybe it’s just the Puritan in me where I believe nothing can come out from taking the easy way out. I believe in getting a reward after you’ve invested your time and effort in it.

As I always tell those who assume that work from home are scams just because they didn’t get the money they thought they would –

Work from home is not a scam. It’s just you who didn’t get the concept.

And if you still think that work from home is scam, here’s proof of what it can reward you if you do it right.


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