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Be Happy In 100 Days!

I’ve seen a few of my friends posting their photos with the hashtag of 100HappyDays. Simple things in life that makes them happy being posted on Facebook, twitter and Instagram made me want to see what it’s all about because hey, we all want to be happy right?

So the 100 Happy Day Challenge is simple enough it’s amusing – Post photos of anything that make you happy and post it for 100 days without fail.

Simple? Yes. Doable? Maybe.

I’ve joined FMS (Fat Mum Slim) Photo A Day group where anyone can post photo according to the day’s theme and I’ve been doing this for almost 6 months. As for FMS, I love it because it gives me something to look forward to. Not only in finding for things to photograph that will suit the prompt but also discovering my own creativity in interpreting the prompts. It’s not a competition or challenge in anyway per se but as most of the members soon find, it is to challenge yourself. It’s interesting to see how other members come up with their own take on the prompts. And some of the photos, will literally blow your mind away.

FMS PAD makes SAHM like me have something fun to do other than playing pirates with my kids and doing the housework. If you’ve never heard or tried a photo challenge before, read more here! How to Play PAD & FAQ by Chantelle Ellem, FMS herself on her dainty yet fun blog, Fat Mum Slim – Living Life Inspired.

Here’re some of the prompts that have been put up for FMS PAD before.

I decided to join 100HappyDays because the idea behind it was so simple it made me embarrass.

Do I really need to point out all the simple things in life to make me happy?

Then I realized the answer to that even before I answer it.

Yes. Yes, I do.

Most of us are too busy making a life to have a happy life but often miss the little things under our nose that truly make us happy. Take these little things away, I doubt our lives would be the same. Yes, yes. Cliche as it sounds, but as most cliches, it is true. My friends who joined 100HappyDays Challenge do admit to be seeing life in a different perspective and they do learn to appreciate the things they took for granted before. It gives them a positive outlook to things.

And how?

Just by sharing the photos that make them happy!

Why don’t you head on to 1ooHappyDays to sign up and try it for yourself.

All you have to do is snap a photo of something that make you happy each day, hashtag it with #100HappyDays and/or come up with one yourself and post it anywhere you want!



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