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Date A Guy Who Smokes

Beautiful, beautiful poetry.
I met Mohen at our office’s smoking hut. I guess I can say that we started over a cigarette.

Thought Catalog

Date a guy who smokes, you’ll find him standing under the trees in a garden, or stepping out of a club into the fresh air to have a puff, you’ll see him taking a walk as smoke trails from his nose, or lost in thought appreciating the simple beauty that nature offers every day. Talks to him, smokers are the friendliest people you will ever meet. Ask him for a cigarette and watch him reach into his packet or pocket and hand you one even if it’s the last one. If he can’t find one bask in the selflessness of him offering you the half that he is holding in his hands.

Date a guy who smokes because he can make friends in a minute, he will stop and talk to people from all walks of life. Paupers, popes, poets, and posers will stand around with him for at least…

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