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Count the Eggs Before They Hatch!

Dinoscovery’s Count-D-Eggs Contest


The Little Royals had a lot of fun learning about dinosaurs the last time they went to Dinoscovery, an interactive educational program with dinosaurs animatronics. We all had a great time going there and if you’ve read my last post, you would probably know how I was the one who was more excited than my kids.

Mohen wanted to surprise the kids last weekend so we brought them out to Dinoscovery again. Things went a lot better than the last time we were there because this time around, they know what the dinosaurs look like and they knew what was it like to go inside. As much they already expected what was waiting for them, when we reached the 4th floor, they were still very excited!

I still feel the dinosaurs were awesome even though I’ve seen it before too. And I think it was better for us to go the second time around because it was a lot easier to teach the kids about the dinosaurs since they don’t have the fear anymore and they get to do more activities since they don’t have to worry about some unknown Jurassic creature creeping up from behind.

Our trip lasted longer than the first time we went because of this and it was fun because even I get to read all the information they have about the dinosaurs, their eras and other cool stuff.

Another cool thing that is happening at Dinoscovery is the Count D-Eggs Contest.

It’s simple enough a contest where they stuffed hundreds (or is it thousands?) of little dinosaurs eggs, probably mussaurus‘, into one large eggshell.



We had a lot of fun trying to figure how many eggs there are in this eggshell. Mohen, being the mathematician of the family, started to count the size of one small egg and the dimension of the large shell and figuring out how many would fit in there. He spent some time explaining the volume of the large egg and I lost him after 5 seconds.

To be honest, I was distracted by the colorful tiny eggs enclosed in the equally whimsical large egg.

Why we were trying to figure it out is because whoever gets to guess how many eggs there are in there, or at least the one with the closest guess, will be the Grand Prize Winner. The prize? 4-days 3-nights family trip package to Bangkok!

I mean, God knows we need a vacation and with so many things happening right now, we could use an all-expense paid trip. So no harm in trying right? I mean, I have never been the one with lady luck on my side with it comes to any contest and I hardly ever won anything, but Mohen, Mohen has that lady smiling down on him all the time. He tends to win almost every contest he decided to join (after much pressuring coaxing from me, of course) so who knows? We might just win that trip!

All you have to do is fill up a form and put in your guess and drop the form into the submission box and cross your fingers!

Contest runs from 9th August until 9th November.

So why not you head on to Dinoscovery at Discoveria Avenue K and see it for yourself?

And just because, here’s a photo of my favorite dinosaur at the show, the spinosaurus.



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