Tesco Online Review (Malaysia)

I have never really bought anything through online because I get a little worried when using my card over the Internet. Having worked in a credit card department and handled many complaints from customers who used their cards for online purchases, it’s not really something that I thought necessary.

However, when I thought that, I only had one son. And now, after 3 kids, I often think twice before going to the store to get my groceries because it would literally be an arduous task having to handle 3 kids while trying to get some shopping done.

So I decided to give Tesco Online a try. I’ve seen their truck around town, doing delivery and knew about their service for quite some time. But because I wasn’t big on online shopping, I never really think much of it. Until when my 3 kids were down with fever and our grocery supply was running low.

It was easy enough to use and everything is user-friendly. Here’s a quick look at how it works so you can see for yourself if you’ve been wanting to give it a try.

This is the main page where your trolley is on the right and it shows you what items you have selected. Before you get to this page, you would have to go through the normal registration process where you key in your address and personal details.


Meat Cuts & Vegetable Selection

This is perhaps the unsatisfactory part of online shopping. You don’t get to see for yourself the fresh food selection. It does feel different to be choosing meat cuts and vegetables from a website page. But I was pretty sure Tesco is not going to give me bad meat or rotten vegetables so it wasn’t really a big deal even though I didn’t get to see it for myself.

Vegetables selection – 1
Vegetables selection - 2
Vegetables selection – 2
Meat cuts selection – 1
Meat cuts selection - 2
Meat cuts selection – 2
The broccoli that I received was fresh and green as they can be


Dried & Packed Goods

I have no problem with this one because it’s exactly how you would pick from off the shelf if you were at the store. You can filter by brand on the left column.

Formula milk
Formula milk
Dried sundries
Dried sundries
Body wash
Body wash


Checkout, Booking a delivery slot & Payment

After you have done your shopping, you can checkout your items and book a delivery slot. Depending on promotions offered or days, the delivery and service charges vary (from free to anything between RM6 to RM10).

I have had my items delivered on a weekday and a weekend before and I got both deliveries for free. Tesco had a free delivery promotion during the last Aidilfitri too. But for my recent delivery, which I selected a Sunday for my items to be delivered, I was charged RM6. You can see from the table below to see the range of delivery and service charge. I have not seen the charges being more than RM10 so I think it’s okay, considering the convenience of this service.

Booking your preferred delivery slot
Booking your preferred delivery slot

After booking your slot, you can review your items before checkout. Here you can go back and add more items or you can add/omit the items you have selected by clicking on the (+) or (-) buttons.

Review your items
Review your items

For home delivery (they also have pick up option, where you can go and pick up your items at your selected Tesco outlet), you have to pay with card when your items are delivered. No cash payment is allowed for security reasons.

And the great thing is, you don’t have to enter your card number at all. You just have to select the option to pay for your items with card because the Tesco personnel will be bringing the card terminal so they can swipe your card after you have checked all your items and are satisfied with what they have brought you.

Note: You can choose to reject any item they brought if it’s not to your satisfaction or damaged and they will simply deduct the amount of items you rejected and swipe your card for the new amount.

Payment confirmation
Payment confirmation

Once you have confirmed everything, you will receive your order number and a summary of your order. Don’t worry if  you need to change your order or add anything to it because you can still amend your order details within 2 hours after you receive this confirmation below.

Final confirmation
Final confirmation

So far I’ve used Tesco Online for about 5 times and each time I’m satisfied. There has been just one time where I don’t receive an item because it was damaged en route to my house. They use the chiller truck so all my goods came in chilled and fresh condition.

They will also call you about 2 hours before your scheduled delivery slot to advise you when they’re coming so even if you’re not at home, you can arrange for anyone at home to pay for and receive your good.

Overall, I highly recommend this service to homemakers who don’t have the time and/or opportunity to shop at the store and also working parents who don’t want to spend time at the supermarket after work because Tesco Online delivers from 10am to 10pm and you can make the order anytime you want. Plus, you can place your order and book a slot as early as 2 weeks in advance. That’s plenty of time for advance planning for working parents.

Why not give it a try today and let me know how it goes for you?



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