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Color Your World! Ice Age: Dawn of Dinoscovery

It has been a while since I write because I have been extremely busy with my new job. What, I didn’t mention? I’m an editor now!

It’s exciting to be able to do what you love for a living and while it’s hectic and I’m still learning the ropes of being an editor, I’m having a lot of fun at it. I know I have been MIA from my posts for so long that I feel I’ve lost the touch to blog!

Because I have been extremely occupied with many things (not to mention 3 kids who are getting more active by the day!), I haven’t been out with the kids much. However, the good people at Dinoscovery remember how I did a review of their place before that they invited my kids and I to attend a coloring contest they recently held. It was great that I have the chance to forget about my work for a few hours.

Well, my kids were a little too young to enter the contest, so we were there for the special appearance of Scrat the Squirrel and my favorite sloth, Sid. My kids don’t have many experience with mascots and larger-than-life cartoon characters. Mohen and I spent a good half hour trying to calm Damien down! But it was good fun for all of us. And yes, we did take another tour inside Dinoscovery because it was just too good for us to pass. Here is our first account of the place and if your kids (or yourself!) are dino-fan-sauruses, you really should head on Dinoscovery to experience these awesome dinosaurs animatronics. These things move, roar, bob their heads and swing their tails, safely of course, that you’re just dwarfed by them.


I remembered how my mom used to enter me and my sister into a coloring contest when we were like 5 or 6. And to see these kids color away brought back good memories. It was a good thing too I didn’t have to enter any coloring contest now, because some of these kids’ work? They are out of this world!

Sid and Scrat


Sid and Scrat were pretty much the highlight of the day. First things first, they were HUGE.

When they first came out, I was a little surprised to see how big they were! I mean, especially Sid. Look at that guy! He practically towers over everything and everyone else. Well, except for maybe the dinosaurs. So I don’t blame Damien for freaking out. Too bad I couldn’t get a shot of my kids with them because they won’t even go near these two. They weren’t afraid of them pointy teeth dinosaurs that roar and growl, but these? Since Sid and Scrat can move around and shake people’s hands and all, I guess that scare my kids a little. Note to self: Bring kids out more often.

I took some photos of the kids who won, but I wish I can show you the pictures that they colored but the organizers took their pictures during the judging session.

This little girl is only 5, but her work was awesome!
This little winner is a little camera-shy.














I wish they open this contest to adults. Or at least moms. I love to get my hands on those mothercare merchandise!
I wish they open this contest to adults. Or at least moms. I love to get my hands on those mothercare merchandise!


This contest was organized by Speedy Video, mothercare and Early Learning Centre. I hope there is another one soon because I will definitely get Eros to enter it!



Dinoscovery is open daily from 10am to 10pm and it runs until February 2015.

For more information and ticket purchases, you can check out this link or visit Discoveria on Facebook.




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