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Hi-5 House of Learning: Learn The Fun Way!

If you have kids, then you would probably know Hi-5.

I have been a mother for 6 years now and I don’t think there is one children edutainment program that my kids love more than Hi-5. I have to admit that I too always watch the program with my kids and we often sing and dance along to the catchy, upbeat songs. Besides that, I love how the show is extremely colorful and bright that it can keep young children adequately entertained.

Hi-5 started in 1999 and even after 15 years, they’re going on strong without any sign of stopping. Even though the cast was changed every now and then, the charm of the show and its message remain the same – having fun while learning through making music.

As luck would have it, I was invited to the launching of Hi-5 first learning center in Malaysia.

Known as the Hi-5 House of Learning, this place is like the real-life version of the TV show. With colorful interior and curriculum that is based on Hi-5’s learning principles, this school has got be one of the best schools I’ve seen and I have been to a lot of children learning centers to either teach the children or check out the places for my kids. I love how this school is equipped with all the things a child needs in order to have a wholesome and comprehensive learning experience and its facilities are all child-friendly and safe for their small size.

One of the many classrooms at the Hi-5 House of Learning


The library. I can stay in this room forever! Those comfortable bean chairs, the gorgeous chandelier that gives off soft reading light. It truly feels like a book lover’s haven!



















I don’t know about you, but I despise rote learning. Sure, some experts argue that there is some benefits of rote learning (though I tend to strongly disagree), I still believe that it causes more harm than good for the children, especially for highly active and highly curious children. Hi-5 House of Learning uses what we may call edu-play, where children learn through a combination of hands-on experience and body movement and music. The curriculum for this school was developed by Helen Martin, an Early Childhood Advisor who has extensive experience in English literature, media, modern dance and drama. Her daughter, Dr. Catherine Martin also works with her in developing Hi-5 curriculum, not only for the school, but also for the TV programs.


The Hi-5 House of Learning curriculum is based on what they call the Learning Wheel.

Hi-5 House of Learning: The Learning Wheel
Hi-5 House of Learning: The Learning Wheel


As you can see from the image, it covers every aspect of a child’s learning development skills that makes a learning experience more wholesome and thorough. This learning wheel was based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence. Because there is not one child that learns the same way, this theory explores every aspect of the child’s intelligence and maximize it through experiential learning. Not only that, Helen and Dr. Catherine Martin also based their curriculum on Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development.

For me, I’ve heard and read of these theories and yes, I live by it.

Because Mohen and I made the decision to homeschool our kids years ago, we’ve been reading up on children’s learning theories as much as we can and we’ve come across Gardner’s and Piaget’s theories many times. When I heard that they use these theories to teach the children at Hi-5 House of Learning, I was plenty excited.

This school is located at Persiaran Damansara Endah, Damansara Heights and yes, it is a tad too far from where I am. Even though we homeschool our children, Hi-5 House of Learning offers not only preschool programs, but it’s also an enrichment center. There are many enrichment classes such as swimming for infants and toddler (oh, they have an awesome heated swimming pool!), cookery class, instrument music class, yoga class and many more. I wouldn’t mind sending my kids to these classes at all, really!

The indoor playground.
The kitchen for the little budding chefs! And yes, those awesome ovens are not just for show!














Outdoor playground.
The heated swimming pool. Gaaa!



















The environment of this place is great too. It’s gated and guarded and the did I mention, colorful and bright? There is an outdoor playground, indoor playground, a pirate’s ship, rock climbing wall, awesome kitchen for the kids to learn cooking and a well-equipped music room.

Hi-5 House of Learning accepts students as young as 6 months old (for enrichment classes) and up to 9 years old. You really should give them a call and book an appointment for a visit so you can see them for yourself!



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